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Green Apple

apple-digital painting-2013-04-20-da

Green Apple

Green apple…Yes, they are a bit tart.

Pen and Ink: Miss Charlotte’s Apples

Charlotte’s Apple

I love my neighbor Charlotte so much. She is always so good to me, hubby and Cici pup. If she is not saying the nicest things to me to brighten my day, then she is cooking up a storm of foods to die for. I often wonder what I can do for her so she knows I care about her…I mean, come on now, she is always doing something for me. And Cici pup goes nuts whenever she see her to the point I can hardly control her behavior.

So being that she is living in a small space here on our beautiful Island as we are I knew if I made a drawing for her it had to be small. So that is just want I did. She loved it and framed it right away.


I then made myself another to get more pen and ink practice.

The one above has some cross hatching whereas the one here on the bottom does not. I called this one “One For Each.”

Both are pen and ink

Oil Pastels: Clay Bowl of Fruit

It’s been six months since I’ve done any paintings in oil pastels. Being that I’ve just bought a batch of apples I thought I would arrange them in a homemade clay bowl for the setting.

The one below is another that was gifted

Clay Bowl of Apples2_oil pastels_4x6_dja_8-8-20111 - Copy

Oil Pastels


Well it’s getting to be that time of year again to start thinking about shedding those few extra pounds I’ve gained through the holidays and winter month. I cracked today, while thinking of that gallon of chocolate ice cream in the freezer and the chocolate syrup in the door of the fridge. Hmmm…such a crossroad. Though an apple or pear would be a wiser choice. (more…)

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