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Beach Paradise

Beach Paradise

I know that cocktail looks refreshing, but I’ve reserved it for my dear friend, Lauren. Don’t worry Lauren, it’s a virgin cocktail.

Digital drawing

© 2014

Psalm 46:10

Sand Dunes_watercolors_da_9-6-2012-2500-2500-be still - Copy

psalm 46:10

I painted this sand dune painting back in Sept 2012 and put the bible scripture Psalm 46:10

Watercolor painting with added scripture

© since 2012

Peaceful Trip

road home-digital-2013-11-12

Peaceful Travels

Had a busy few weeks getting in the last bit of fishing on the island before packing up, and heading home for the winter. The trip went smooth without incident and both dogs (Cici and Cassie) were very good passengers, riding quietly all the way home. The morning after we arrived (today) there was a lite snow already froze-over when I woke to make coffee…Burr!

About the Art

Where this is a simple painting I felt is signifies well the peacefulness of our trip.

Created digitally with the charcoal tools.

Cold and Breezy

Coastal Breeze-ink-watercolor-5x7-dja-7-3-2011 - Copy

For the past few days it’s been cold, raining, and windy with high gusts. But there seems to always be a promise of warmer weather. What I’d like to know is….where is it?

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