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Bottles and Bent Pot

bottles and bent pot

Three Bottle and a Bent Pot

This was a bottle watercolor study I did back in 2012

© 2012

Patio Gardening

Patio Garden

Well this miniature watercolor painting didn’t turn out anything like I had hoped for.

Deb Adams © 2012


Fire Plant

For those of you that know me know I like to paint a potted plant from time to time, and most of the time just one int he scene.

This one I call “Fire Plant,” simply because of its color.

Digitally Painted 2/16/2012


Oil Pastels: Just Two

I say, when you don’t know what to draw or paint then do a still life. The sit very still… pun intended.

I wanted these pots to appear to be sitting a shiny or wet floor.

Oil pastel painting of clay pots is an oil pastel painting.

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