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Beach Baby

P_Beach Baby-watercolor-2013-01-08da-

Beach Baby

To me, there is nothing more precious on a beach

than the joy of a small child.

Portrait Watercolor painting.

© 2013

A Ride on the Carousel

100_0860_A Ride on the Carousel_Ch_8.5x11_By Adams_11-08

A Ride on the Carousel

Charcoal Portrait of a child, I drew in 2008
Funny thing though, back then I didn’t like this one that much,
now I just think she looks precious.

© 2008




I did this drawing in 2009.

She is not of any particular person.

She started off as a sketch and I kept building the drawing up with charcoal until this lady showed up. I haven’t done a charcoal drawing in quite some time. It’s is actually my forte of all the mediums I use.

© 2009



Meet Mitch, my husband.

Today I decided I’d try my hand at doing a portrait watercolor painting, and feel rather satisfied with my first attempt. This, of course, is not counting the one I did of Mitch fishing since there is not much as much detail in his face.

Reference photo


Miniature 4.5″ x 6″


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