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He Loves to Fish

Mitch - Copy


But now he’s home for the winter so he can push snow. 😦

Ink filtered photo

© 2013

Cat’s Angel

Jenny_Cat's Angel_By Deb Adams_2013-10-11 - Copy


I drew this for my friend Cat last week.

I think Jenny is a very adorable baby girl.


I know that many of you know Cat. If not, then take the time to visit her at her blog.

© 2013

Painting of Mom



My mother always wanted a painting of herself, but it never happened in her lifetime. I did do a charcoal drawing of her back in 2008, which I’m sure she would have loved. But knowing she wanted a painting of herself and never got one always bothered me. So I did this digital painting of her over the course of 3 days and evenings using only the mouse with no added filters or color adjustments. I’m not yet accomplished in painting hair, but maybe next time I will be. (Click here for referenced photo.) Hopefully one day I will be able to accomplish a nice oil or watercolor painting of her…or both. But for now, I know she would have loved this one.

Rest in peace, Mom


© 2013

The Vows

The Vows-metal-framed-2013-05-24


Poverty, Chastity and Obedience…Those are the vows that nuns take.


After I finished painting by hand with acrylic using the mouse,

I applied a metal filter for my own personal preference.

Click here to view painting before the metal filter.

© 2013

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