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Sound Sunset


Sound Sunset

Landscape charcoal drawing © 2015

This is the first charcoal drawing I’ve done in 2 years. It’s sort of a warm-up. I do have a concern of the mess that charcoal makes since I no longer have a basement to do my work in. I find charcoal to be my best medium, yet I fear the mess it could make in the house. I’m going to have to see what I can put on the walls in front and the side of my drawing table. If you have any ideas for that I’m open for suggestions

Late Autumn

Late Autumn

Watercolor painting of trees and swamp in the late Fall/Autumn


Learning Watercolors


For those of you that know me know that watercolors is a new medium for me, but thought I would give it another try. This time not with watercolor pencils but with the watercolors.

I needed a watercolor image to look at that I thought I might be able to follow. I elected Carol King’sStephens Water Lilies,” with her consent of course, thank you Carol, then tried my hand at it.

I know, I know, hardly close! I am trying to get the idea how these washes work; when to add my lightest colors first. I’m also getting use to trying to control the running of color with the amount of water I use.

So go for it, give me you advice to improve.

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