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Country Village

Country Villlage

Country Living Scene

Watercolors ©

Country Creek

Country Creek

Around my neck of the woods there are lots of country creeks, many of them run right behind the near by homes. I don’t have one that runs through my backyard, but oh…….wouldn’t that be nice, as long as the house is on high ground. I don’t like house flooding on rainy days,  if you know what I mean.

Watercolor Painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

Country Charm

L_Country Charm

Country Charm

Charcoal drawing

This drawing I created in 2009, but it looks much like the heavy snow we currently have.


For the sky, shadows in the snow and icy creek I used sanded down compressed charcoal with the cotton cloth technique.

Vine and willow charcoal  for the trees in the far distance.

For the evergreen trees I used compressed charcoal by blotting  till I reach my desired thickness.

The covered bridge, fence, bulkhead, and bare tree in the foreground I used charcoal pencil.

© 2009

Winter Creek

L_Winter Creek

Winter Creek


This piece was commissioned by Derwent Cumberland Pencil Co as an illustration for their products at the Paperworld exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany Jan-Feb 2009.

Created with Derwent ‘s Compressed charcoal

Size: 11″ x 14″

Created: 2009

Artist: Debbie Adams

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