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A Place in My Past

My Childhood House

This is just how my house looked when I was growing up and the walls upstairs on the inside looked just as bad, and it some spots worse. Mom could not afford to do any major repairs to it, and why should she, being a rental., And as you can tell, apparently nothing done by the landlord.  None the less, I have a lot of cherished childhood memories growing up in this old house that was then, in the early 60’s over 100 years old. The pealing paint (gray) was extremely evident when I moved in and was much worse 11 years later when we moved out. But I remember it to look as it does in this painting all the years I lived there. The two window above were two of the smaller of 3 bedrooms. I had the chance to occupy both at different times in my life there. The two bedrooms faced a wonderful cherry tree, which is the shadow rendered on the back of the house. The cherry tree was much enjoyed every summer with and abundant of cherries each year. One year, when I could not reach anymore cherries off the tree from the ground and climbing it, I climbed out my bedroom window on the lower roof shown (that leads to the basement) to get closer to the branches full of cherries. Mom gave me heck for doing that, hollering how I could break my neck …she didn’t know I climbed the tree earlier. But she was very happy with the large bowl I filled with delicious cherries., therefore not staying angry with me for how I had got them…but I was warned not to do that again…hehe…Shhh!

So don’t let the sites of this old broken down house disturb you, for inside the walls were filled with love.

Watercolor painting


Adams’ House

Adams’ House

This is an ink and watercolor painting of our house in the country just as it was showing signs of spring.


Adams Wishing Well

Adams’ Wishing Well

This is an impressionistic ink and watercolor painting of a wishing well that sets in our yard between two trees. In reality the trees are, one, an oak tree, and the other a pine tree in which both stand about 40 plus feet tall. Sadly the pine tree has lived out it life and is ready to be cut down. The wishing well itself was passed down from the family, then to a friend, then back to the family again. We’ve had it since 2005.

© 2012

Moonlit Forest

Peering though my front living room into my forset on a moonlit night. I was so taken by the lighting from the moon that I had to start a painting of it for my portfolio.

Painted 1/18/2012

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