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Toy Destruction


I’m sure anyone who owns a dog can relate to this one.  My small Yorkie of 3 lbs has graduated in toy destruction before she was a year old, but once it’s destroyed she gives me this look like, well, like the one in the picture. I also have to toss the remains away when she is not looking or she’ll put up a fuss.

It’s Beer O’Clock

For all you beer drinkers.



I Live For Weekends


Have a great weekend everyone!

© 2014

The Addams Family

Lurch-You Rang-2013-08-12-now signed - Copy

Lurch…”You Rang?”

Lurch (whose first name is unknown) is a fictional character created by cartoonist Charles Addams as a manservant to The Addams Family. In the original television series, Lurch was played by Ted Cassidy, who used the famous catchphrase: “You rang?”

Some of the cast



Gomez Addams is the master of the Addams household and the Addams patriarch, married to Morticia.



Morticia Addams is the matriarch of the Addams family and is married to Gomez.

Uncle Fester-2-background

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is a bald, barrel-shaped man with dark, sunken eyes and a devilish grin. He seemed to carry an electrical charge, as he could illuminate a light bulb by sticking it in his mouth.



Grandmama is a witch who deals in potions, spells, hexes, and even fortune-telling. Her trademarks were her shawl and grey, frizzy hair.

Wednesday Addams-background-2013-08-14


Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and was said to have been named after the phrase, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

hand-background -2013-08-14 Copy


Thing is another member of the Addams family. He was a shy creature mostly seen in the background of Addams’ drawings; however, the television series suggested it was a disembodied hand named “Thing,” and was Gomez’s friend since childhood.

All the above Artwork is digitally drawn/painted by Deb Adams © 2013

Have a Happy Halloween!


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