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Captain Fraz and the Pirates

Captain Fraz and the Pirates

It was shortly after Fraz from Wombania got his own private island that he started to dream of being a pirate. Not only is he now a pirate, he’s the Captain of his own ship with a crew all his own. He recently hooked his catch of the day to go with his Chocolate, Spam and Wine Gum dinner, with the help of his Yellow-Belly Flapper with the telescope. Earlier on his voyage he found a treasure chest on Black Island, about 35 miles south of his own island. He has safely counted it’s contents worth more than $900,000,000.00 and put it away safely inside his Captain’s Quarters. All the while his magical green dragon took control of the wheel to lead the course back to his own island.

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Watercolors Painting
A remake of Kelsey Quiring’s
by Debbie Adams 

Lazy Afternoon Drift

A day dreamed filled afternoon,

drifting on the quiet waters…

perhaps,  a snooze.


Painting by Debbie Adams

Copyright May 2012


Click image to enlarge

When I painted Castaway I was not pleased with the finished work, but knew I would not give up on painting a boat drifting in the water. Then I remembered my painting Evening Shimmer which I was pleased with, and it was not any trouble at all for me to paint. So I decide to paint one similar to Evening Shimmer in my brown tones, then drop the catamaran in,  hoping I would get a result I would be happy with…. This time I am pleased. I hope you are too.


Was having a phone chat with one of my friends on the Island a few days back..They had had a nice, but cold day…Not news, I hate to tell ya.

So about this painting…I’m really not happy with is as I am not with so many of my ocean type paintings. I have a few I like but this one is not at the top of the list. None the less, it was my first try at painting the ocean with digital painting.

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