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Country Flag

Folk Art

Happy 4th of July America!

About this artwork: digital painting

Deb Adams © 2012

Just For Fun

Relax, what’s the hurry!

click image for lager view


I make no promises that I’m done painting sheep yet…they are fun to paint and they make me smile. I will try to give you a break from them in between other artwork. But know this…I appreciate all you who have been commenting on my artwork.


I re-created this sheep from an image I found on public domain some time ago. Thanks first to my friend Prenin for telling me who the sheep looked like, and then Tony McGurk for pointing me in the right direction of who did this sheep first, which is…http://www.shaunthesheep.com/

Town and Country

Folk Art

Folk Town

I’ve been having a little fun these day painting Folk Art. Though in appearance it may seem easier, but it’s the same as trying to painting anything else.


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