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pig - daisy do-2013- adamart.wordpress.com

Daisy Duke

“Daisy Duke”

Of course not the Daisy Duke you were thinking of.

Actually, I think it’s Fraz’s pig, Prancer that didn’t get enough chocolate, pizzas, and milksakes

Have a great weekend

Watercolors © 2013

Porker Pig

Porker Pig

Just a fun little  pig I created for my gift shop. His name is Porker, no, not Porky Pig, it’s Porker Pig.


© 2012

Who Says Pigs Can’t Fly?

It wasn’t fraz that said it!


Fraz and His Flying Pig

(click on image to enlarge)

Fraz has has made a new friend with Prancer the pig.

Prancer has wings and can fly faster than any air plane and can hoover like a helicopter.

The two of them have just taken off from Fraz’s private Island and their heading to Fraz’s Pizzeria for a big chocolate pizza lunch!

Later they will be heading over to Fraz’s favorite place on earth…Wombania! 

© 2012


Dancing Pig-watercolor-da-2012-12-08-trans-2-resized

Weee!…Weee, Weeee, Weee!

Dancing cartoon of Penelope  Pig dressed in pink polka dot dress watercolor painting.

Lately I’ve been having quite a bit of fun painting and drawing cartoon style images.

© 2012

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