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Tempestuous Dog

dog-i'm-a freaking-ray-of-sunshine - Copy

Toy Destruction


I’m sure anyone who owns a dog can relate to this one.  My small Yorkie of 3 lbs has graduated in toy destruction before she was a year old, but once it’s destroyed she gives me this look like, well, like the one in the picture. I also have to toss the remains away when she is not looking or she’ll put up a fuss.


Lady-Old-Butt-shininng-toilet paper-dog-2013-07-08


I had to make me one of these.

I guess this old lady forgot to check to make sure her dress was covering her butt after she, ehem…went potty.

Digital drawing

© 2013

Happy Monday!

Winter Blues


Dog Conversation

Just a little dog snow humor. 😉

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