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About:Pen and ink, and watercolor sketch of grapes

© 2014

Wombat Wilbur

Wombat05062014 - Copy


Pen and Ink Drawing of a wombat

© 2014

If you like wombats, then you’ll love the web comic “Wombania.”



2011-08-05-mouse_ink_11x14_8-2011 - Copy (2)

“I must try this cotton pattern.”

Pen and Ink mouse drawing

© 2011


elephant-2014-04-21-bg-cb - CopyIt’s been a while since I picked up and ink pen to do a drawing. I started out doing this one in dots, but my wrist just got too tired, so I just squiggle in the markings. If I want to do one in dots, I’ll just have to work on one a little bit each day.

© 2014

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