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The Knight

Knight-2006 - Copy

The Knight

Charcoal and graphite drawing.

We have a metal Knight that stands about 4 feet tall in the corner of a room. I was sitting right across from it when I was thinking of something to draw back in 2006 and chose the knight. I would pick something shiny. However, choosing a shiny object to draw is good practice.

Later I edited the drawing with some vignetting  to darken the corner edges to give it a shadow.

© 2006




Charcoal and graphite drawing

I don’t know what kind of flower it is, but I think is looks similar to a sunflower.

© 2006

Birch Tree

Birch Trees

Graphite with some charcoal drawing

© 2006

The Apartment Door

P_The Apartment Door

The Apartment Door

I was cleaning out one of my closest the other day and came across a box that had an old picture of my apartment door from years, and years, and I mean years ago. The picture brought back some very fond memories that I had actually forgotten all about until I seen the picture, then it was like a flood gate opened up and they all came back to me at once.I had a pretty good ole life in that little apartment.

It’s just a little scribble job done with a mechanical pencil.

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