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Wombat Day 2015


Fraz delivers chocolate on Wombat Day

For this years Wombat day celebration Fraz from Wombania has decided to drop chocolate off all around the world to all of his friends on his Prancer Pig…and everyone is Fraz’s friend when he’s delivering chocolate

Happy Wombat Day everyone!

Join the Wombat party at Wombania today!!


Mountain Range


Mountain Range and Treeline

Since the temperatures were above freezing and it rained all day, I don’t see any snow in site, giving this mountain range and treeline left with nothing but a cool setting. I’d say spring is on it’s way. This doesn’t mean that we won’t see snow again before Spring really sets in, but if we do I don’t think it will be anything like we’ve had to endure.

About the Art: Digital drawing/painting

Winter Begone!

3Okay, so it’s looks a little cruel, but I’m sick of snow! We just got dumped another 10″ of the white stuff.

I’ll even be glad when it’s cold carcass melts away.

Digital art © 2015

Binky in the Spotlight


King Wombat (Binky) in the Spotlight

I think it’s high time Binky get some recognition around here. After all, he is the brains and problem solver of every situation that requires someone who not only is smart enough, but very capable of get things up in running. Other than an explosion in the basement now and then he reaches the solution. If you’d like to see all that Binky is up to then visit him at Wombania.

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