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Birds on a Branch

P_Black Birds on a Branch

Black Birds on a Branch

Charcoal and Conte

I haven’t done a charcoal drawing since last January. Being that I’m home now, and finally had some motivation to do a drawing,  I thought I would warm up by honoring  an art piece by Maria Kitano  to use as a reference. Also I’ve been seeing a lot of these birds in our trees in the evening lately, which is what inspired me to look for one I liked. I don’t know if they are crows, ravens. None the less, I enjoyed drawings them.

© 2011

Nubian Village #2

Nubian Village

Nubian Village

Charcoal and Conte Drawing

I previously did a similar Nubian Village in charcoal only, which can be viewed here.

© 2010

Woman’s Backside #2

Woman's Backside II_Compressed Charcoal_dja_2007-3

Woman’s Backside

Charcoal and Conte drawing of a woman’s back.

© 2007

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