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Athletic Flamingo

Athletic Flamingo - CopyHave a great weekend, Everyone!



Twink’s Pancake Maker

L_Twink's Pancake Maker

Twink’s Pancake Maker

Twink has been enjoying here Lagoon Retreat and decided she needed a pancake maker to make her job of feeding the Wombies go a bit easier for her when they visit. As you can see it  fills up a hearty plate full at a time.

.About this artwork: Pencil drawing, then edited digitally

Deb Adams copyright 2012

Wombie Art Gallery


Fraz Fan Mail

Fraz’s Fan Mail

Be careful what you ask for….

Fraz from Wombania now gets lots of mail from his fans all over the world!!…

I wonder what all those letters say…Hmm…maybe Fraz will tell us.

About this drawing: Colored pencil and a digital filter.



Colored pencil drawing of a parrot.

© 2012

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