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Nature Path


Nature Path

This is a landscape charcoal drawing I found amongst our things during the move. This landscape drawing was created around 2008-2009. ©

Artist at Work

artist at work-2-2008-700

Artist at Work

This is another charcoal drawing I found of a man doing a painting. My best guess is I created it back in 2008 ©




I’ve been going through some stored artwork and am finding pieces that I’ve never posted, like this naked woman surround by trees created in charcoal for example.  I don’t know exactly when I did this one , but my best guess would be somewhere around 2009 ©

Drawing at the Beach


Sand Dunes by Cape Hatteras Pier

A little sketch I had done between dipping in the ocean and taking in sun rays next to Hatteras Pier

Charcoal drawing


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