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Hi there! You remember me don’t you?…I’m Cassie and my mommy and daddy adopted me about 8 weeks ago. I’m very happy here too.

Mommy knew I need my shots but waited till Cici was due for her shots so we could both be due for shots the same time each year, which we just got last week here on the Island.

The day after mommy adopted me she took a close look at my teeth. I think what prompted her was my icky breath. When she looked at my teeth she said, “Oh My!!”  When she took me in to get my shots the vetman examined my teeth . He told mommy and daddy I needed them cleaned very badly and some teeth had to come out. A few days later I had to go back there. When I did they stuck me again with a sharp thing and I feel asleep, when I woke up I felt something was missing…

And looked like this.

The next image is not as blurry

I heard the vetman talk to mommy on the phone when I was ready to go home. He said to mommy,  “I had to pull 12 bad teeth, but all the teeth that are needed for biting, chewing and playing ball are still in my mouth.

Mommy and Daddy still loves me and thinks I’m just as pretty as ever, and are very happy that I feel much better with those rotten teeth gone. But Daddy jokes and calls me, “Snaggletooth.”

It’s been 3 days since they were pulled and I feel really good and eat better too.


I think I have found me a good home now.

My name is Cassie

Hi Everybody,

I’m a new member of the family.

I’m about 3-4 years old and weight 7-8 lbs.

My mommy is helping me do this post since I’ve never done one before, and am not even sure if I like it yet. You see I’m very, very shy.

Here is my story.

My mommy adopted me from a friend of hers that can’t keep me anymore. Her friend use to work at a Vet’s office and someone brought me in saying I was a stray. So my new Mommy’s  friend took me home with her and put an ad in the local paper saying I was lost. No one ever replied to the ad and it has been a really long, long time. So my new mommy and daddy adopted me. When I was brought to her house they told my new mommy I was very shy, but once I got past that, I would want to sit next to her. Well, I got past the shyness with my new mommy and want to sit next to her. But my mommy says, I don’t want to play, not even with Cici her other sweet baby. Cici tries to play with me, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to play fetch, or play with toys. My mommy called her friend, and she told her that I have been like that ever since she brought me home to put an add in the paper when I was lost. So my new mommy got insurance on me so she could take me to the Vet, because she thinks I’m very sad and even acts like I’ve been abused. She thinks I could have run away from my abuser, or that I’m just very heart broken. She makes an appointment for me on Monday when the Vetman opens…same one Cici went to who cured Cici.

So here is what I do all day, I sleep, eat, go potty outside, and sleep on mommy lap a lot and it makes Cici jealous. She jumps on my head and I just sit there and let her. Mommy told my daddy that this may be just the way I am, but they will ask the Vet anyway. Mommy and Daddy hope it is nothing more than my personality. So they will find out soon.

Her is my picture.

I’m really glad my new mommy and daddy adopted me so I wouldn’t have to go from home to home.

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