9 comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentines day Deb! 🙂

    Since Doug won on the lottery he has been drinking every day and expecting all his neighbours to do his bidding! 😦

    He tried to get me to give him access to my Wi Fi, but I told him I didn’t know how to (BIG lie! LoL!) so he’s now using Rob’s Wi Fi instead.

    Hope he doesn’t start surfing porn – it’ll show up on Rob’s IP address if he does!!! 😦

    The crazy thing is he’s been asking me for favours after all but accusing me of stealing his tablet PC until it got redelivered yesterday!!! 😦

    God Bless!


    P.S: Like my comment if you reply – WordPress isn’t sending me any emails so I have no way of knowing you’ve left a reply otherwise… 😦

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