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Owl Family


Owl Famiy

Whimsical painting of an owl family

Close relatives of Owlberta

I’m new at acrylics and wanted to try something a bit more challenging than what I’ve been doing. I found a YouTube video speed painting of an owl family sitting in the hollow of a tree, then tried my hand at it.

About the art: Acrylics by Debbie Adams all rights reserved © 2015

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  1. Love your owl art!

  2. I really like the eyes on them.

    I’m sure we will all have some good times together now that I’m down visiting Owlberta.

    • Thank you, Binky!
      I’m sure you and Owlberta will have a great time!

    • The weekend has just begun and I find that I can’t think of anyone else I would want to enjoy the weekend with, Binky.

      • Nor can I. I think I’ll stay down the whole week as I’d like to work on a new rocket design at my beach house.

        • I find you work to be fascinating.

          • Not many do. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so compatible.

            • I’m interested in anything that can fly, float and blast off.
              We were meant for each other, Binky.

            • I believe we were. We can spend the summer together at least.

            • I’m and free for the whole summer as well, and would very much like to spend that time with you.
              I think we ought to have your brother Winky to ship some chocolate and wine gums to your beach house to last the rest of the summer.

            • That would be an excellent idea. There is nothing better than to have chocolate and wine gums with someone you care about.

            • And there is nothing like spending quality time with the one you care about.

            • Yes, exactly. We should do some stargazing tonight. The skies are supposed to be clear.

            • I may even that a short flight or two around your beach house afterwards. I have to keep my wings in good shape.

            • That would be super! Natural flight is a fascinating phenomena and a joy to watch.

            • …and watching your rocket take off makes my feathers ruffle. If only I could fly that high.

            • One day you will be able to as my passenger, Owlberta. Maybe we will even make it to the moon together.

            • That would be out of this world…literally. If you take me to the moon on your next flight, which I think is in October for Wombat Day, I can make sure you are well feed while you mine.

            • I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a rocket ready for Wombat Day, but I’m working on it.

            • That’s quite alright if your not ready for a flight in October, but know that I’ll be ready to fly with you when you give the word.

            • I will at least have a nice fireworks display for the big day.

            • You always make everything so special.

            • You are very kind to appreciate my efforts.

            • As you are also kind to me Binky! You have appreciation for my diet too.

  3. Love this owl family, Deb! Hugs and have a great weekend! ♥

    • Thank you, Lauren! I had a lot of fun painting them.
      Have a great weekend too!
      Love and hugs a plenty xoxo

  4. Owiuverly ! 🙂

  5. Very cool.

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Good one Debs! 🙂

    Love how you did the eyes!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  7. You did a great job of the big bright eyes Deb.

  8. How adorable! Love it, I love owls, love those eyes 🙂 . Very nice.

  9. Adorable dear Deb! ❤️❤️❤️love all of them😍

  10. I adore owls!

    Have a wonderful holiday and a beautiful New Year!
    ❤ xxx

  11. Hi Debs! 🙂

    Just dropping you a line to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a wonderous New Year! 🙂

    Just to let you know: Doug, my alcoholic neighbour, won £19,000 on the lottery about three months ago and hasn’t had a day sober since.

    My other neighbour, Rob, tried to bully Doug into giving him £1,000 for services rendered, so Doug tried to get me to report Rob to the Police, for crimes Doug alleged, so as to keep his own hands clean.

    Doug uses people, people DO NOT use Doug!!! 😦

    Doug has bought a cheap keyboard and electric guitar and tried to get me to ask my musician friend Rose to come and teach him to play.

    Given his flat resembles a garbage tip and still boasts a pool of congealed vomit from a few years back I told him I wasn’t in contact with her!!! 😦

    He has kicked all his friends into touch so they don’t try to ‘sponge’ off him (Doug’s words) and I only know he’s still breathing because he continues to post little ‘love letters’ though my door when he wants help.

    Needless to say I’m ignoring them… 😦

    It seems good guys just aren’t so lucky… 😦

    Love and hugs!


  12. An owl wanted to nab my chihuahua dog once. Every time I see an owl, it reminds me. Nice artwork, by the way!

  13. Gray Dawster

     /  June 27, 2017

    I love this one Deb 🙂 xxx


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