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The Last Frontier


Fraz in Alaska

Being that Fraz is so adventurous I thought I’d get him his own little place out in Alaska, and of course a warm zippered snow suit to keep him warm.

Now I don’t know if he is thinking of building a snowman, or thinking of the chocolate waiting for him in his own warm cabin.

To find out what else Fraz is up to be sure to visit him at:


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  1. I wondered where Fraz went. It was rather quiet around here today.

    • It was quiet at your house with four of my Wombies visiting?!…Wow! Fraz has got to be one of a kind…the nice kind of course.

      • Fraz can make more ruckus than a boat load of normal Wombies. I think Twink has your gang captivated in the kitchen cooking up some treats. It smells delicious.

        • Well, I guess I sort of knew what a ruckus he can make from having him over the summer, but never gave it much thought since it was all summer fun!
          I bet they’re having a good time with Twink in the kitchen. I hope that Pinky and Cookie are being a great help to her. What are Shadow and Buzz doing?

          • Twink had them all in the kitchen baking up a storm. We polished off a couple of batches of Christmas cookies, and now everyone is watching some old Christmas movies on TV. Haven’t heard a complaint from anyone.

            • That’s good to know. I’m proud of my Wombies for being so good. Nice to know there spending the Christmas holidays with you the old fashion way….thank you for having them.

            • They were a little more rambunctious today, but they’re getting excited with Christmas so close. Maybe we’ll go for a hike tomorrow to wear them out a bit.

            • That ought to wear them out for Christmas Eve the next day….good thinking, Binky!

            • I don’t think i”ll be able to calm them down for Christmas Eve, but that’s okay. Maybe we’ll launch some rockets in the evening for fun.

            • That will be fun. I just hope none of them shot a rocket at Santa!….You better supervise closely.

            • If we shot down Santa’s sleigh we’d probably never get off the naughty list!

            • We’d be getting stocking filled with coal for years….if he even bothered to stop by!

            • Luckily we had no incidents with our rockets, other than a minor fire which claimed one unlucky snowman.

            • That great! As far as the snowman, well he can come back on the next heavy snow fall. 🙂

  2. Fraz

     /  December 21, 2014

    My own place in Alaska! Yay!!

    I was thinking of how big of a snowman I can build out here! I bet pretty big since there’s so much snow! I’ll have a warm chocolate when I finish!

    • Yay!! I’m glad you like it, Fraz!
      I wasn’t sure what you were thinking. I should have know both!
      How big of a snowman do you think you’ll build. Maybe a family of snowmen.

      • Fraz

         /  December 21, 2014

        I’m gonna start on one big giant colossal snowman! If there’s any snow left I’ll make some more tomorrow!

        • You could make and igloo too. You know, like a fort or something!
          Maybe later you could get on your Frazline and go pickup Shadow and Buzz….I think they might be in the way in Twink’s kitchen.

          • Fraz

             /  December 21, 2014

            I was gonna make a fort but an igloo sounds like a lot more fun!

            I’ll call Shadow and Buzz and see if they want to come up here!

            • Igloo are fun….and they keep you sort of warmer.
              I’m sure you won’t have to ask twice for them to come out there!

            • Fraz

               /  December 22, 2014

              Yeah they came up to Alaska with me and we’re building an igloo fort!!

            • I bet your having a lot more fun with Shadow and Buzz with you. You all ought to put up a Christmas tree because I think Santa is going to go down your chimney!

            • Fraz

               /  December 22, 2014

              I didn’t even think of that! We’ll do that tomorrow! It’s too dark to go out to get a tree now. A polar bear might eat us!

            • First thing tomorrow morning….I want a tree report.

            • Fraz

               /  December 23, 2014

              We were out playing all day! We got the biggest bestest tree we could find! And we decorated it all up really good.

            • Good! Now you make sure you leave out some chocolate cookies and milk on a table by the tree for Santa on Christmas Eve. Then go to bed like good Wombies.

            • Fraz

               /  December 24, 2014

              I will! But the going to bed is really really hard tonight!

            • I know it is, Fraz. When I was a kid it would take me forever to fall asleep, and once I did I was up by 3-4 am waking up my mother telling her Santa has been here. So she’s get up for me to open all my presents and then she’d go back to bed, but she told me I had to put all my new toys in my room neatly.

            • Fraz

               /  December 26, 2014

              That’s just like me! I got the whole family up! They all kinda wanted to sleep. Other than Buz and Shadow. All the rest of them went to sleep after we opened the presents.

            • I bet you had a real nice Christmas with lots of things to play with, and all those boxes and wrapper a load of fun too!

  3. Happy Holidays, my friend. Wishing you a great 2015. ❤

    • Thank you so much, my friend, and the very same wishes for you for this year end, and the new year!
      Hugs xoxo

  4. Oh, I think he’s building a snowman [with a chocolate nose!] 😉

  5. I think that chocolate will lure him back into his warm cabin, Deb, but building a snowman is fun, too! Love the painting and it makes me wish we had some snow around here! 🙂
    Merry Christmas, my friend, to you and your family! Big hugs! xoxo

    • I think your right. AT least he’ll be taking hot cocoa breaks.
      Merry Christmas, my friend and have a great start as the New Year rings in!
      Love and hugs a plenty xoxo

  6. He is thinking whey the hell didn’t I go to florida

  7. He’s probably thinking of how to invite a snowman over on to a warm house.

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  8. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. OMG Fraz has turned into a frog!!! Knee-Deep, knee-deep, knee-deep… 😛

  10. This scene looks a little like outside my window at the moment Deb… I hope he enjoyed the Hot Chocolate waiting after his adventure.. 🙂

    • So you got a pile of snow did you. We didn’t have a white Christmas, but did have a white Thanksgiving.

  1. Snowflakery

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