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Painted Christmas Window


Sissy’s painted Christmas Tree

This is a painted window of a Christmas tree in my sister apartment that she painted. It’s window paint and does wash right off. Just thought I’d share with you all.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Very festive.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Happy Holidays my sweet cyber friend. ❤

    • Happy Holiday, my friend!
      May you and you family be blessed this holiday season! 🙂

  3. That’s a neat idea. Businesses often do that, but I’ve never seen anyone do that in a house or apartment.

  4. Good idea!!! 🙂

    Amazing how inventive your family is!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!!! 🙂


    • She’s far more creative than I am, Prenin.
      Yes, she did have a good idea!
      Thank you

      Love and great big huge hug! xoxo

  5. What a fun way to decorate windows! Love the Christmas tree!

    • I agree, and if she lived close to me I’d ask her to paint my windows too. 🙂
      Thanks Jess……Happy Holidays!

  6. I love it!

  7. very charming eye catcher

  8. Hi Deb, love your painted window, cool!!!

  9. Fraz

     /  December 10, 2014

    Cool! I’m gonna paint one on my window! Don’t tell Chris!

  10. I like it, Deb. At first, I didn’t realise it was painted on the window!

  11. It’s wonderful to visit you and your amazing art again Deb! Big hugs, Nikki

    • Hi Nikki, so good to see you here today.
      If you mean this art, it is art done by my sister.
      Hugs xxx

  12. It’s beautiful, Deb, and I can see artistic talent runs in your family. I love the festive look and the fact that it’s window paint! Sending love and hugs and it’s good to see a post from you, too! Maybe we’ll both be back on board, even if it’s slowly. 🙂 xoxo

    • Yes, there’s a few of us, but my sister I think is much better and artist than I am. I just with I could get her to paint on canvas.
      We’ll ease back in slowly, right now I got plenty to keep me busy.
      Sending you much love and hugs! xxxooo

  13. This is a really great idea and it looks awesome too,
    sometimes when we purchase those kinds of wash
    away paints they don’t always come off, I hope your
    sisters’ does or it will be Christmas the whole year 🙂

    I love the concept of this though and I wouldn’t mind
    trying it out sometime for myself 🙂 Thank you for this
    marvellous posting Deb and do have a really wonderful
    evening and weekend 🙂 I bet it’s wrestling night tonight
    and there is bound to be popcorn on the menu 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • I think she had to wash away a bit when she first started working on it, but am not positive of that.
      I would mind doing something like this to one or more of my windows too, but I think I’d trust here work more so than mine when it comes to window art.

      Thank you so much for coming by, Andro. Somehow my posts just aren’t the same without your presence in them.
      Yes, tonight is Friday night Smackdown….lol

      Hugs a plenty for you my friend. xoxo

      • I will be around a lot more in the
        New Year 2015 my sweet friend,
        I have been away from our WP
        too long I think, and now it is time
        to recapture the fun that we used
        to enjoy here 🙂 In the meantime
        get your stocking on the wall and
        wait for Santa Clause 🙂 Yaaaaay

        Andro xxxx

        • I agree, and hope I’m inspired enough to get some post done.
          My Christmas stocking! Of course, I do have one of those. I get it out now!
          Yay to Santa!

          • I am sure that we will both
            do lots of postings in 2015
            and we might even start doing
            some more Wombie drawings 🙂

            Andro xxxx

            • I certainly hope so, Andro….about both! 🙂

            • Just make sure that you
              have plenty of chocolate
              over Christmas to build
              up you energies on posts
              in the New Year 2015 🙂

              Fa La La La La Lalalalaaaa 😉

              Andro xxxx

            • Maybe a sugar fix is just what I need. 🙂

              Hugs a plenty xoxo

            • Fraz

               /  December 19, 2014

              Yay! More Wombie drawings!

            • Yes, Andro and I have fallen way behind on our artwork for the Wombies. Hopefully this coming year will bring much, much more!

  14. What a great idea. Window painting never works out for me

  15. What a beautiful painted window. and an excellent idea… 🙂


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