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Don’t You Give Up


Life has downs,
And life has ups
When it gets tough,
Don’t’ you give up!
Sometimes you feel,
Like you’ve walked a mile,
Just keep on trucking,
And put on a smile.
Life has its moments,
That can makes you sad.
But keep in mind,
It’s not always that bad.
Others preach,
“Keep your head high,”
You know their right,
You mustn’t deny.
If things go wrong,
As they often may,
Don’t you give up,
Just for today.
Life may have,
A challenging surprise,
Just keep on smiling,
And don’t you cry.
Life may sometimes,
Fill your cup.
But when it doesn’t,
Don’t you give up!

©2011 Deb Adams

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  1. I guess I’m stubborn like that – it has taken me a looooong way in my life!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


  2. Beautiful poem, my dear Deb… 🙂 xx Happy Sunday and [super]moon! 🙂

    • Thank you, Marina! Happy Sunday to you too, and have a great week ahead!
      Yeah….super moon!

  3. Great poem Deb, and so many of us travel this road of ups and downs.. But we never give up do we? 🙂 wishing you a wonderful day.. or afternoon evening as I am sure it must be now.. Hugs Sue x

  4. Just what I needed today. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Most inspirational poem, Deb, and one I should read each and every day! No matter what happens, though, I won’t give up and thank you for this big dose of sunshine to end my weekend. Sending much love and many hugs, my friend! ♥

    • I know you to know you’d never give up. I think sometime the way your feeling that you feel you might, but your not, your just feeling life as it comes and you always work it out. Your a rock, my friend!
      Love and hugs xxx

  6. Thanks for the inspiring lift Deb! I needed this lift today, i really felt so tired and wasted, yet the spiritual hug from your words made happiness to blossom inwardly and outwardly. Your poem is an absolute gem. Hugs my sister!

    • We all have days that are harder than others. I’m glad I put this poem up to help remind you to hang in there.
      Be still and know that He is God.
      Hugs a plenty, my brother xo

  7. Deb like it very much it is great words… I’ll remember XXX

  8. That’s a nice uplifting one, Deb. It could be a song.
    We all experience times that are very trying and difficult to get through. Those who just keep going are the ones who usually make it.

    • A song, that’s the nicest thing you could have said to me. I’m glad you like it.
      Your right, the ones that keep going are the ones who usually make it…Never give up.

  9. Yes…don’t give up! Lovely poem Deb 🙂

  10. I love that you have added poetry
    to this one, and that your words offer
    hope and continuance, as with life
    there are many setbacks and lots of
    heartache, but there is always hope
    and a way forwards.

    Have a wonderful Thursday Deb 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Yes, life does have set back, and so many find it hard to carry on, but that’s really all they have to do, it just for today, I will hold up my head, deal with what’s at hand the best I can. There always sunshine after the rain.

      Thank you…you too, my friend!

      • Life is full of challenging moments, some are sad but the rain stops eventually allowing the sunshine to break through the clouds and allow the smiles to return.

        Smiling and being happy doesn’t mean that we forget anything, it is just a nicer way of being. Have fun today and have some chocolate, even if it’s just one of your delicious milkshakes 🙂 Mmmmm love those 🙂

        Andro xxxx

        • Main thing is we don’t ever give up, and eating chocolate is a way to make life better. It proven that it increases our endorphins. 🙂

  11. This is good! I write poetry too. My blog’s jcpoem.wordpress.com


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