43 comments on “Summer’s End

    • Thank you for comment on my painting, Lauren! 🙂
      I intend to enjoy every summer moment I can, especially since my son is here. 🙂
      Hugs xxx

    • It’s just about over here, but still warm enough out to go to the beach, which I intend to take advantage of as much as I can.
      Thank you for the comment on my painting!
      Love and hugs xxx

        • You don’t need to explain, Sue. I know just what it’s like to try to play catch up. Sometime all we can do is pick up from the most recent. 🙂
          Much love and hugs to you, Sue! xoxo ♥

      • Yes I haven’t been adding as many comments as usual but I am starting to get back into the swing of things, and I will be returning to my Space at WP soon, YES soon 🙂 lol

        In the meantime have a beautiful weekend my dear friend 🙂

        Andro xxxx

        • We can only do something for so long when we need to be doing something else for a change, either by choice or demand.
          It will be nice when you do get back to your space, but in the meantime, you have fun doing what your doing.

          Have a great weekend, my friend!

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