32 comments on “Bottles and Bent Pot

  1. It was your bottle studies that triggered a drawing of mine,
    of course it was nowhere near as brilliant as yours but it did
    create a burst of creativeness from me and that’s the way I
    look at it. Thank you for you fine encouragement and wonderful
    friendship. I am not any better at drawing but I certainly appreciate
    your support 🙂 Have fun today Deb, you’re a diamond…

    Andro xxxx

    • I don’t think I’m any better at drawing or even that good, but you would disagree, just as I think you can draw and your drawings do improve. Everyone’s hand is different at art, but what we create “is art.”
      Your welcome, and thank you for all you support too!

      Have a fun day, my friend!

      • I always find your work very appealing, and your talents enrich everything that you create, whether it be drawings, paintings of looking after your Wombies, they certainly have a wonderful time with you Deb 🙂

        Andro xxxx

        • I enjoy creating, even when it don’t turn out that way I want.
          My Wombies are having a great time as always…I guess that means their eating chocolate. 🙂

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