63 comments on “Twink’s Beach House Deck

  1. That’s a beautiful scene! It looks very relaxing. I’m sure Twink and Cookie more than deserve a nice rest after all they did looking after all the Wombies for the summer.

    • It’s been long over due that Twink get a really nice beach house.
      They’ve worked their claws to the bone all summer long for the Wombie boys and guests. Now it the girls turn to get some relaxing time.
      I think when they leave I’m going to head over there.

  2. Such a wonderful scene Deb! I just love your colors and the story behind your scene.
    Twink and Cookie are getting a well deserved rest in a beautiful setting.
    What a great way to start the day! Yay!

    • Its is, then I’m glad I got it for you. You of all Wombie, the queen of Wombies deserve to have a nice place that you can retreat to any time you want.

      • I dare say I think I do deserve a little break! And the deck is the perfect place to sit back and have some chocolate tea and pancakes.

  3. Wow those Wombies know how to relax
    and still have fun, I love your painting as it
    has such wonderful colour, and of course
    your style, which is always present no matter
    what you draw or paint 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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