36 comments on “A New Addtion to my Wombie Clan

  1. Wow another Wombie 🙂 You are certainly adopting
    a lot of chocolate munchers, I just hope that there is
    enough to go around 🙂

    Have a wonderful Tuesday Deb 😉

    Andro xxx

  2. Deb it is great to see you keeping busy and the family growing.. I take it ocnstruction work also started to extend the mansion…? or you are all camping? beautiful as always thank goodness Winky is sorting the chocolate supply 🙂 xxx

      • Deb that is an unsure answer and I get excited… arranging you a double decker bus for the garden.. A wombies farm not bad idea hope you are well and having a great week xx 🙂

        • Oh Doron, I could certainly use a double decker bus if you can arrange that for me!
          Oh, the farm, you should have seen them at the beach Saturday when they were all burying each other up to their necks. It looked like a Wombie garden.
          Hope you have a great week too! xxx

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