33 comments on “Virginia Tornado

    • The hurricane left minimal damage compared to most, but up north in Virgina they took quite a beating from the Tornado!

  1. This is brilliant Deb,
    hey every time I call
    in here the theme is
    different, wow just
    goes to show how
    long it was since my
    last visit too…

    Have a wonderful rest
    of Hump Day and keep
    up the awesome work
    I have always enjoyed
    your artistry 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  2. Deb, Just had a word with Arthur I told him that after the last visit he and his family are no longer welcome on the east coast… he seemed to be a little upset but he had gone… Glade to see all you equipment is functioning and you managed to do En Plein Air from Virgina.. great. Stay safe my friend xxx

    • Thank you, Andro! I’ve been at the beach all week with out of town family. I’m pooped and sunburned.
      I won’t have any ice cream but I will have a strawberry and banana smoothie….mmmm, and low fat. 🙂

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