35 comments on “Toy Destruction

  1. Good Morning, Deb! I just ordered my tank top and can’t wait to receive it! I also just noticed my book on your sidebar, thank so much! That’s really sweet of you and it started out my day with a smile! Big Hugs! ♥

    • Good Morning, Lauren! I saw that you made a purchase…thank you so much! They let us send thank you notes, but wonder it the buyer actually gets them.
      Your going to look great in the tank top. I guess it will be one of your new walk the dog tees.
      Yes, I just put your book up this morning! I’m glad you like it there!
      Love and hugs! ♥

  2. Dixie has done this on a number of occasions when she was still in puppy stage. She’s 5 now & has had her current Teddy for about 3 years now

  3. Never mind, it can be fixed 🙂
    Dogs love their toys and always
    like to shake them around, pull
    their legs off, head and arms,
    even pull them through puddles 🙂

    It’s a dog thingy 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx

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