34 comments on “Daisies

    • Hi Wendell,
      Daisies are my favorite flowers, well, I love all wildflowers.
      Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, my brother!
      Love and hugs xxx

  1. Happy Easter, Deb!!! 🙂
    Lovely art as usual!!!
    My favorite flowers are probably ‘le laurier rose’. Just checked the translation, it’s “nerium”… pink ones are beautiful. And I like hibiscus flowers but I don’t have green fingers unfortunately.

  2. You can post as many daisies as you want on your blog! I kind of like brown-eyed susans a little more, maybe because they were a little more rare around here. My favorite flower would probably be sunflowers because they grow so fast and so tall. Plus the seeds are pretty good, too.

    I hope you have a very nice Easter tomorrow.

    • Thank you, Binky, I’m rather fond of daisies. And it just so happens I adore sunflowers too…and the seeds.
      I hope you have a nice Easter tomorrow too, with some chocolate too!

  3. Missed you … smiles … winter is slowly loosening it’s grip here … can’t wait to see my daisies again … there are still sleeping at this time … Love, cat.

    • Thank you, Lady Pen! I just adore daisies.
      Hope your having a wonderful Easter Sunday with lots of chocolates!
      Love and hugs to you always, Pen! xoxo

  4. Daisies are always delightful. We have a border of Seaside Daisies along the edge of our front garden & they are usually in flower all year round. They make the garden look lovely even in the middle of winter

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