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Snowman Scene

snowman and bird--2014-01-21 - Copy


It’s been snowing here since 5:00 am this morning and were up to 8″, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Naturally, I was inspired to build a snowman indoors.

Painted digitally

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  1. That is another really nice one! I like how you achieved the depth on his eyes and mouth (pieces of coal?). And he looks light and fluffy.

    I sure hope you can get out tomorrow and are not snowed in. No snow at all here.

    • I was trying to give him a fluffy antique look this time. It take a little longer, but I’m pleased with the results.

      No way we’ll be dug out by tomorrow. We’re told we’ll get lows as low at -30 with the wind chill tonight, and tomorrow will be bitter cold and windy too. So I’ll have to that place tomorrow if they’re even open due to this weather.
      The storm seems to be coming the the mid-west states toward us, and it’s picking up moisture turning it into a nor’easter.
      It will be okay, I’ll go as soon as we’re dug out.

      • It definitely has that look. And it feels really snowy, too. This is how winter should be, nice and picturesque.

        It’s a good idea to phone them to find out first before you go to all that effort to get there. Never mind starving yourself! Maybe the next day will be more reasonable.

        • Hopefully. At least I can have some breakfast tomorrow.

          • But probably not the next day!

            • Still waiting…maybe Monday. :/

            • Hopefully it’ll warm up a bit for you by then and won’t snow any more.

            • It’s suppose to snow lightly tomorrow, but the driveway is melted enough for me to get my blood work on Monday….providing that snow dusting isn’t more than they say. I’m really feeling snowed in lately…geeesh!
              Love and hugs xxx

  2. You should have some of your work
    commissioned for Christmas cards, you
    are such a genius my sweet friend 🙂

    I hope that your weekend is going nicely,
    my cold has come back so at the moment
    I am surrounded by tissues 😦 Booooooo

    Andro xxxx

    • I’m working on it…thank you, Andro! You are always so encouraging keeping me inspired!
      A cold…Oh no!!! I hope your at least on the mend. I know Mitch has had a chest cold now for almost a month…well, a little more than 3 weeks.
      Please take care of yourself and drink lots of liquids!
      Love and hugs xxx

      • It seems as if everyone is getting that cold with the chest congestion. My brother had it for a couple of months, my mother had it for about a month and I had it for a couple of weeks. It’s just about gone now, though.

        • And now, after being out in the freezing cold today to go over to Angel’s for dinner…I have a chest cold! ahchooo!

  3. What a gorgeous snowman, Deb, and I agree, you could easily make a collection of Christmas cards. If you do, let me know! 🙂 I missed this post because it was the day of our 25th wedding anniversary. ♥ Sending you much love and tons of hugs! xoxo

    • Well thank you. I’ll be sure to let you know if I make some, Lauren!
      Happy 25th anniversary! Send you much love and hugs, my dear friend! xoxoxo


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