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Frazline 1 - Copy


My good friend and artist, Doron at Doronart has painted a picture of Fraz in his new Frazline!

Now Fraz can make all of his deliveries of pizza, milkshake, fraz bottle of youth, and much more!

I love this watercolor painting!

Remember to fly over to visit Doron, and Fraz at Wombaina!

About this artwork: All credit for this artwork goes to Doronart at: http://doronart.com/

Oh wait!…What’s this?


Fraz Flying Over Doron’s House

Fraz, just flew over Doron house to delivered him chocolates!

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  1. Now he can deliver in style.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Those are both really wonderful, Doron! That was very nice of you to give Fraz his own plane. A jumbo jet no less! I’m sure Fraz will be thrilled.

    • Doron as been really enjoying painting these lately. I bet he’s a candidate for adoption too!
      Oh my, Fraz is getting everything he could ever want!

  3. My own plane and my own airline! YAY!!
    Now I can deliver all my stuff to anyone anywhere in the world!
    Thanks uncle Doron!

    • I would like a pizza delivery for 8 pm…on the dot. I hope there’s no delays from the freezing rain!

  4. Kewl plane! 🙂

    God Bless!


  5. Fraz it was such a pleasure, to be honest after you invented those magical bottles of youth to save the universe, it was a very small award I could ever give you. To wake up every morning thinking I am your friend make me very proud uncle, thank you.

    • Aunt Deb kinda invented those Fraz pills but I guess she couldn’t have without me!
      I’ll make sure to drop you off an extra big shipment of those pills so you won’t run out!
      And some special Wombie sized chocolate pizzas too!
      I put a couple pizza ovens on my plane so I could make fresh pizzas wherever I fly!

      • Yes thats true aunty Deb did say she could not invent those pills with out your help.. She said you were very brave in the compression chamber testing. I could not face such pressure also, you must become experience thanks to your deep sea diving. I am just pumping the water from our runway so you can land with your extra big shipment. Open the cupboard at the front of your plane next to the main bar, you already have pizzas oven fitted there. We could not get the licence without those.

        • You’re right! And they’re big enough for my Wombie-sized pizzas too! It’s hard to fly without pizza.

          The deep sea diving is fun but a little scary too. It’s really dark down there and kinda lonely. And cold! Even with the heater turned on full.

          • I would not go without pizzas anywhere.. would you?
            Fraz check I think you switched the external fan that help you to move faster.. there is internal one too.. but put it on low otherwise you get cooked.

            • Fraz

               /  January 8, 2014

              I think I got them mixed up! I’m a lot warmer now! Even my pizza stays warm with me now all the way to the bottom of the sea!
              I try not to go anywhere without pizza, but sometimes I have to.

            • Going somwhere without a pizza?!.. be careful Fraz you can get very ill.. you will miss those pepperoni red cells.. you can get anemic… you can turn to a snowman. make sure you have spare slice always with you.

            • Fraz

               /  January 10, 2014

              I didn’t know that! I think I’ll make a special pizza belt where I can keep some extra pizza slices. Like Batman’s utility belt!

  6. Cute 🙂

  7. Love the name, Frazline, very catchy, Deb, and can Fraz deliver chocolate? 😉 xoxo

  8. Fly in style with Frazline 🙂 🙂 Brilliant idea


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  2. Wombania | Doron Art

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