36 comments on “Captain Fraz

  1. Fasten your seatbelts captain ‘F’ is testing the new sticks. Deb I think he should wear a big ‘L’ on the back of his new uniform so passengers should know he is a new pilot. So they wear thier seatbelts, after all we don’t want to receive any passengers compalints on headaches if he crash landing…

    • I think I should wear an X for expert!
      Can this plane land itself? That might be safer. Or maybe I could get my copilot Winky to land the plane. He says that sounds easy.

      • Don’t worry that is the latest jet technology it flies by voice recognition and we only set it for Fraz. Mind you it can have a crew of four at the cockpit and don’t forget each plane take 12 handsome stewardess… I think X sound something from the past why wont we try F it can always be for Fraz but more to the Future. Make sure Winky try first the canoe…. if he pass we will send him to your pilots academy..

        • F for Future Fraz! I didn’t know that the jet had voice recognition! Maybe I forgot to turn it on. I’ll tell Winky to try out the canoe first. He should be good with it cause he floats even without a boat!

          • Fraz try to say Pizza and just watch.. make ready to catch.. otherwise you will need the windscreen wipers in full! If Winky is so good ask him to sit under the canoe.. it might be faster also.

            • Voice activated pizza! I like that!
              I told Winky to try that but he didn’t seem to want to try it. I think maybe because it’d be hard for him to eat chocolate under the canoe.

            • Winky is kinda scared of everything. But don’t tell him I told you. But I’m not a scared of anything!

    • Everyone gets to fly Wombie Class which is way better than first class! You get all the pizza and milkshakes and chocolate and wine gums you want! And you get free movies and wifi and big comfy seats and even a playroom!

  2. We can’t see Frazzies left hand, I think he is stuffing his face with chocolate as he comes into land 🙂 Another fine effort Doron, and Frazline has never looked so good, I like it 🙂


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