17 comments on “Something Warm For Faythe

  1. Now that is really warm and inviting Deb, sending warm thoughts out to those having horrid snow storms in the USA and Canada at the moment….
    Here is Wind and Rain, with floods for many…

    Have a snug New Year Deb… xxxx Sue

  2. What a pretty sun-drenched painting Deb! thanks so much trying to warm my below zero bones.
    It was -17 degrees (without wind chill) last time I checked…. Keep sending the warmth!!
    Hugs, Faythe ❤

  3. Again Fraz put the heating on…. and it is boiling here… haaaa it is you Deb… haa then it is OK… I am sitting here with my shorts!!! Thanks that will save me a fortune on heating bills keep it on it is beautiful :-0

  4. That is a beautiful painting Deb. Really excellent work on the reflections which must be hard to capture so realistically. The look like Australian Gum Trees Could be a warm sunny place right here in Tasmania. I wonder if there’s any trout in that river?

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