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Bottled Youth

Fraz Bottled-adamsart.wordpress.com

Fraz Bottled…The Bottle of Youth!

Our good friend Peter from Wombania thinks we ought to extract some of Fraz’s youth.

I think that’s a good idea too…so Fraz got bottled!

You will be young at heart!

You will have high energy!

You will be grandiose!

You will have have a high metabolism!

You can eat all you want and never gain weight!

You will run like a rabbit!

You will be young forever!

You will be cute …Ooops, 😯 ….I said a naughty word.

Make sure you get your daily youthful dose of Fraz at Wombaina!

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  1. GrammyMouseTails

     /  January 3, 2014

    Great idea! Sign me up for a bottle or more! Who wouldn’t love to have Fraz’s wonderful qualities 🙂

    • I’ll have Fraz send you over a a lifetime supply right away! 🙂

      • GrammyMouseTails

         /  January 3, 2014

        As long as I can pop a tiny one when needed… 😀 ! I love Fraz, but a houseful may make this mouse a little wack-a-doodles!~~

        • Oh yes, only take one tiny Fraz at a time per day, otherwise you will be Tazzie-Frazzie!

          • Yes, any more than one Fraz a day and you’d be asking for trouble!

            • I agree, we better put a warning label on it!
              I could read: More than one Fraz per day could lead to fun filled insanity…you have been warned.

            • I think that would be very prudent.

        • I think a houseful of me would be fun! I could always have one of me to play with!

          • Well, you could always knock over the the bottle of Fraz. Hey, what happens if they get wet?

            • Maybe they grow up to Fraz sized Frazes!

            • How cool is that to have hundreds of little Fraz’s around. The world would be so happy!

            • It’d be like a Fraz army!
              But we’d bring funness to everyone and not war!

          • You are welcome to come over and play with a mini-Fraz anytime. Right now you can sled all day & come in for some hot chocolate with chocolate cookies!

            • OH boy! I’ll be right over for some fun and hot chocolate!

            • GrammyMouseTails

               /  January 4, 2014

              I am running to the store for extra supplies. Make sure you all bring extra warm clothing, the snow & wind chill is very, very frigid right now! I better get double the amount of hot chocolate to warm you & Deb up!! and of course lots of chocolate & wine gums 😉

            • I’m coming with you. I want some of that chocolate and cookies!

            • It was pretty cold here too so I’ll dress warm! We can all have lots of fun racing on my snow saucers and my snowmobile! And have fun eating too!

            • Now that sounds like a plan, Fraz!
              I’ll race you now!

            • Fraz

               /  January 10, 2014

              In the dark? OK!

  2. That’s a great idea!!!! 🙂 One bottle for me too, please!
    🙂 xx

  3. That’s so funny! I always thought you could never bottle Fraz up, but I guess I was wrong. Fraz’s Youth Pills could be a famous as the Flintstones Vitamins!

    • I never thought so either, then the light bulb went on when I was talking to Peter.
      I think they would be more famous. And I think they should be marketed right away…Find away, Binky!

      • I will see if I can come up with a plan. They have gummy vitamins now, so Fraz pills probably should be wine gums. Fraz-shaped wine gums made with Fraz youth extract. “Fraz a day for youth and play!”

        • “Fraz a day for youth and play!” I like it, and it ought to go on the front label too!

  4. I’m famous again!! Yay!!

    I never knew there were so many of me!

  5. What a great idea….. I must fly over and pinch the secret recipe…. a bottle with extract Doron’s youth will be great too… I am coming to see youuuuuuuu. 🙂

    • Fraz is the secret, You just got to take a daily dose of him.
      Do you see all the Bottle of yourth the ladies have ordered. Fraz needs your help. He needs that Frazline so he can get them delivered to different parts of the word. Hurry, Donon! 🙂 Come on, it will be fun! 🙂 …and addicting too!

    • You can’t steal my recipe cause the recipe is me!

      • It only goes to show you how much people love and want you, Fraz! 🙂

      • No did not mean to steal.. just copy.. so I only need to buy a bottle of you? OK …. damn.. did not think someone was watching me…

        • You can all the bottles of Fraz extract you want for free! I’m sending you some more now on my new plane you gave me!

          • That is great news… But no not yet, here we are under water at the moment and they probably will all get lost… I heard a rumour that someone building you a submarine…

            • A submarine?? Really? I’ve always wanted a sub! We could explore the ocean bottom and maybe find some strange sea monsters!

            • Yes and you would not need to go deep for the monsters.. but please be careful they can keep you under for ever..

            • Fraz

               /  January 8, 2014

              Maybe I could load the torpedo tubes with rolled up pizzas and shoot them out to distract the monsters and then escape!

            • Super idea but watch it as you feed them they multiply.. too danger as you don’t carry enough pizzas..

            • Fraz

               /  January 10, 2014

              Maybe I’ll just have to outrun them then!

  6. Aaah! Eternal Youth!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs! 🙂


  7. Looks like Ponce de Leon should have hooked up with Fraz. I feel younger just looking at him. But should such an adorable, charming rascal be bottled up? Or should he be free to spread his joy to everyone? Happy New Year, Deb (and Fraz). 😉

    • Aunt Deb didn’t really bottle up the real me! Just some of my Frazzy extract!

    • I guess I left out a few words in my posting to make it more clear. It’s is as Fraz say, “Fraz extract.” 🙂
      Thanks Judy!….order a bottle for you and hubby, and really get busy traveling the world! 🙂

  8. Sounds like a winner to me.

    Sent from my iPhone


  9. I want one gazillion of them please! Not all for me though…I’ll share some Frazity! 😀

  10. Nobody uncork the bottle Deb or they’ll be everywhere. Fraz gets more airtime here than at Wombania. IO think you’re his #1 fan Deb. Fraz should put you on the payroll you as his personal promotions officer.
    P.S. I have quit blogging & gone back to cartooning. http://theoldcodgers.com

  11. Brilliant…. 🙂 reminding me I am running out of Chutney! 🙂 Happy New Year Deb.. again I am sure I keep repeating myself… must be all those Fraz’s I ate 😀 xx

    • Don’t run out of your victims! I’ll have to google to find out what Chutney is!
      Oh no, don’t take to many…you’ll get wacky! 🙂
      Happy new year, Sue! 🙂

  12. Wonderful idea and I’d like a bottle, too, but hurry cuz my birthdays coming up!
    Sending lots of hugs, Deb! And tell Peter this is awesome, also! xoxo

    • I’ll tell Fraz to rush over a larger order to you right away!…with a big bow on it, and with a big chocolate cake!…and chocolate ice cream too! 🙂
      Just what day is is?
      Love and hugs a plenty! xoxo

  13. Fraz in a bottle, now that is definitely genius 🙂 🙂
    I love this one Deb, you always come up with fine
    ideas and this one is definitely amongst your best,
    wow Frazzie, even Genie is jealous 🙂 lol

    This is awesome Deb 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Awe, thanks Andro!
      You better order a big supply!
      Thank you so much, my kind, and generous, friend!
      Hugs xxx

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