173 comments on “Fraz Hits the Slopes

  1. At least Fraz is a lot safer on the slopes than in the streets sliding around in his car!

    You must have been fast to catch him going down the hill like that!

  2. You won’t see me sliding down a steep slope with a couple of planks strapped to my feet! LoL!!! 🙂

    It’s not the sliding that bothers me it’s the stopping at the bottom!!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Welcome to winter land, Frazzi 🙂 Please stop by my house for some hot chocolate 🙂 Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year, Deb 🙂 Love, cat.

  4. a present for disaster.. you let him go down the hill full speed first time.. ho dear.. I better rush to warn everybody off!!!
    sent by a ‘pigeon phone’ from a digging holiday..

    • Oh you don’t have to do that, but you do have to warn the snowmen!…there at high risk since there having a snowman convention at the bottom of the hill! 😉 🙂

      • Don’t worry I just made a bomb thanks to Fraz erratic driving skills, I sold them plenty rollerskates and high visibility jackets… and in the next knock they will just roll and roll and roll…. Sorry can’t talk too much as I am going on along holiday thanks for Fraz making me a millionaire… send me the billlllllllllllllllllllll… :-}

            • But Sants gives Fraz lots of stuff every year! He thinks Fraz does no wrong. 🙂 And then Fraz would tell him to bring you gifts too on a note he’d leave Santa by the cookies and milk for him! 🙂

            • I am not surprise he is good.. just need to be more careful driving around the town.. 🙂 I know that Santa is very kind, I also left him some mince pies and carrots for his reindeers :-0 Hope he was nice to you too x

            • Fraz is a good boy. He shares everything he has with all his friends all year long! 🙂
              I got coal…just kidding, he was very good to me. but I bet he considered a piece of coal or two.
              That was so nice of you to leave something for the reindeer too. They work so hard pulling all those gifts. 🙂

            • Ouch!…You were right. I should have listened!
              I’ll do what I can, Doron! But you know, if you go to http://www.comics.wombania.com/ you will always be laughing. Not just the post either, but the comments Fraz and the gang make…and the visitors too! 🙂

            • I bet they do and I do visit…. just that 24 hours each day don’t fit my bill anymore.. Love your work and thank you for the invite. Have a great weekend (^^^)

            • After all it was a long trip over and back before Christmas.. they did not serve a thing on Easyjet.. Next year I fly Frazline 🙂 hoops just another idea… Have a super New Year xxx

            • They’re such cheapskates. I bet they tried to charge you for a bag of peanuts too…well maybe.
              Frazline!…that’s a great idea, Doron, and I’m sure Fraz will love that idea too!…I’m positive of it!
              Hugs xxx

            • Very understandable, Doron. I don’t know anyone that’s met Fraz that does fall in love with the little rascal!
              You should visit him at his site! The home of Wombania, that’s where Fraz lives!

            • I like Frazline! I need to get a plane so I can fly people around! You’d get all the chocolate and wine gums you could eat!

            • Thats easy just ask aunty Deb I heard she is very rich.. and a plane is at your airport…. but shuuuush don’t tell her I told her she is very shy and modest…

            • I knew you’d do that for him!
              Frazline sounds like a really good ideas. Doron has good ideas! Hey, I wonder if he would paint a picture of you flying it?
              Doron the artist. Yes, you. Have you ever thought of joining the rest of us doing fanart of Wombaina being that your an artist and all…it’s fun!

            • Deb you amazed me you bought Fraz an airplane?! Amazing just saw him on our local news standing in the cockpit advertising his new 999 airplane…. I knew you would not believe me so I took a quick picture and sent it to you by email.. It was a news flash so I took it very quick hope it reach you clear..

            • Fraz for you… I’ll paint a fleet! Watch this space in a short while you will have your own empire. I was little busy but I don’t forget you.. make sure you pass your pilot licence soon!

            • I’ve got my pilot’s license! And I even practiced flight simulator on the computer! I can usually land now without crashing!

            • and without crashing to snowmen? as there are many on the runway… I am just knocking the last few nails to your Frazbuss 999 and you will be on yourway…

            • I agree.. go for it… I just joined in will check the site shortly.. have a nice weekend you can have a coffee break any time now.. x

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