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Fraz Has a Fender Bender


And dismantled a snowman…


Now I know your all upset, so are the snowmen.

But not to worry. It’s snowing out so the snowman

ought to be good as new in a few hours.

Maybe Fraz can offer some chocolate to make him feel better.


Don’t forget to visit Fraz at Wombania!

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  1. This reminds me so much of Calvin and Hobbes, and Calvin’s obsessions with snowmen. Love this, Deb. Have tried to leave a message on one of your earlier posts – the one with the snowman and dynamite nose . But the comment was not accepted even though I left my e-mail address, etc.

    • That’s cool that it reminds you of them!
      I will look to see where your comment went and save you from where ever it went. 🙂

      • Thanks, Deb. When I first posted, I hadn’t signed on to my blog. I was asked for my e-mail address and ID which I provided. Usually, I’ve only had this type of problem on Google +.

        By the way, the hot chocolate might not be the cure-all that Fraz wants to pursue. 😉

        • I just looked again to be sure in case my eyes miss it, but not avail.
          It’s my loss to have not had your comment, Judy. 😦

        • Fraz

           /  December 14, 2013

          I gave the snowman some hot chocolate and he just disappeared!

          • I hope he didn’t go to an attorney!

            • Fraz

               /  December 14, 2013

              Winky and me made him a new head so I think it’ll be all right.

            • I bet that made his feel better….and look better.
              I think you scared him a bit with the hot chocolate!

            • Fraz

               /  December 14, 2013

              We had to make him a new head cause the hot chocolate made his old head disappear! I think he probably doesn’t remember that though.

            • 😆 😆 …I guess his new head didn’t have his old thoughts. That’s good. Sounds like Snowman and you will be just fine.
              But you really shouldn’t drive out when it’s slippery outside.

            • Fraz

               /  December 15, 2013

              I know, I do! It’s fun when it’s slippery out!

            • That’s when you use a snow mobile!…Do you have one?

            • Fraz

               /  December 16, 2013

              I don’t! I’m adding that to my Santa list right now!

            • Good idea! While your at it, you might want to add some other sliding devices too, like skies, saucers, sleds, ice skates, and what ever else you can slide on for the winter! 🙂

            • Saucers? I’ve always wanted a flying saucer! That would be super cool!

            • Not a flying saucer, but a snow saucer. There round and when you go down a hill on them you slice down spinning. There so much fun. I had one when I was a kid! You should put one on your list!

            • That does sound like fun! Maybe we’ll all get one for Christmas!

            • You have to put it on your Christmas list to Santa! Have you done that? You can send him a revised one…he allows that for good little Wombies like you!

            • I just did! I hope we all get snow saucers for Christmas! Then we can have races!

            • I guess we’ll have to wait to see what Santa brings you!…4 more sleeps!

            • IF you can sleep!

            • It’s not easy, the nights are long, making it seem like Christmas is eons away!

            • I know! But tomorrow’s Christmas Eve!!

            • And it’s finally here! Christmas Eve is here!…break out the goodies!

    • Now that’s strange, Judy. I look in spam and trash to see if your comment was there, but it was there, and I have not emptied my trash or spam in several weeks. It must be another one of those WP glitches because I would never disregard one of your comments.

  2. Lol

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I told Fraz to be careful because it was very slippery out today, but he never listens.

  4. Fraz

     /  December 14, 2013

    It wasn’t my fault! That snowman just rolled out in front of me without looking!

  5. It is obvious Fraz should have stayed home! It’s warmer inside! Good thing that poor snowman will be back in one piece soon! 🙂 xx

  6. Well I am sure it will leave a bunch of happy smiles all around! Have a wonderful Sunday Deb!

  7. Poor Fraz – he could lose his licence!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  8. Binky is the only one that can drive ….drive you nuts.

  9. Hello, hello, hello, what’s going here…. Have you been drinking hot chocolate???? show me your license…

    • It’s the cops!….RUN!…lol

      Hey, there, Doron!. It’s always fun when you drop by and leave a comment!
      Have a great day!

      • I am having, I can see you also have… Visiting you is like going to the cinema.. fun.. and I am yet to buy a ticket… No popcorn please… I am running x

        • How about some chocolate covered raisins?
          Ah, a comedy. Wait till I do horror…maybe next Halloween.
          No Charge for you, Doron!

          Run faster, their gaining on us!

          • No that is not fair.. I have to wait all year… go on you are my friend do me a small horror… By the way I did not stop running for days now can I stop I am exhausted…. ready for chocolate and raising another 1kg would not make any different during this winter but keep me warm xxx

            • Okay, okay, give me a bit of time and I will do one before Halloween…maybe the day before..lol…just kidding, I won’t make you wait all year for that!
              Don’t run too much, Doron, you’ll get very hungry! 🙂 No worries though, there’s lots of chocolate around here. 🙂

            • Deb thanks I stopped running feel much better now… Catching my breath, but with so much chocolate here… I start lifting off like a balloon… with the golf stream over my house I’ll end up around the world in few days.. Hoops.. just found a pin just in-case…. now I am safe…:-)

            • Oh no! Don’t pop yourself, Doron! I can give you some like chocolate instead…I usually double up on those! 😉 🙂

            • I trust you doctor Deb and I’ll start taking it this evening.. double like!? Hope I remain in good shape tomorrow morning…

            • Eat lots of it…it’s really good for you! 🙂

            • It is magic I feel so lite.. I am floating… woowww thanks xxx

            • Wombie chocolate is the best on earth! We never feel sick or gain weight no matter how much we eat!

            • Probably because you don’t have mirrors!

            • Mirror are for young people, When we get older, we don’t need the reminding…just the chocolate. 🙂

            • You are not old Deb.. I use a mirror.. have a choclate twice a day you will be surprise… you will need to fix a mirror in every room again… ha ha

    • Fraz

       /  December 15, 2013

      I only had one jug of hot chocolate! And a pound of wine gums! And my license. . . well they never would give me a license.

      • Oh my! This sounds bad, Fraz! You could really do some time for all that!…Hey, you got any more of that hot chocolate?

      • OK you can go… but remember I took your photo there will be no second time.. it is not the hot choclate and wine gum I am worried about but the chocolate raisins..

        • No second chances?! Your tough!
          A photo, Fraz loves having a photo taken of him. He’s little ham!
          Ah, of course, the raisins. They can ferment!

          • I have been called many things in my short life.. but not ‘tough’ not yet… sound familiar.. ha ha ha… Only trying to get you back..
            No chance here as I can smell the raisin get ferment… I can’t afford losing my licence too… OK I’ll stick with chocolate instead.. but make sure he drive safe… have a nice evening with the rain outside I might want you to build me an ark…

            • Ah, even stevens ay! Okay, I can handle that!

              Don’t touch the raisins! You can have all the chocolate you want though! Winky has a chocolate factory so I can get all I want….so can you!

              An Ark?…Now that give me an idea!….Your brilliant, Doron! 🙂

            • I know I always think about you.. but be quick I am up to my neck… and don’t forget 2 snowman… Aslo don’t forget to print me your chocolate money/certificate for life.

            • I just remember something 😯 …I can’t say what though.

              The lifetime chocolate comes from Wombania at…

            • Deb so we keep secrets… fair enough I am flying out to wombania…

            • I’ll tell Winky to make sure Doron gets his endless supply of chocolates!

            • Thanks…. right, let me put you in my good books.. ‘Endless chocolate’ super!!!!!! Now you can knock everybody in town.. I would not tell anyone as we are friends forever…

            • He’s be so happy now! He’ll never need anything else to make him happier! 🙂

            • Went to this strange place you sent me.. there was hardly a soul there… Someone said they are all preparing for Christmas!? Strange I don’t do much now I have got that gold chocolate in endless, life supply.. 🙂

            • You should visit the comics page! That’s where all the funny people hang out! And me too!

            • Fraz again to pack up my luggage.. I just returned from a long trip to your page… You know what I’ll do it if you promise me to stop running down my friends the snowmen.

            • Fraz is right Doron! I love going over there! That is the home of the Wombies.
              It’s true that they’re getting ready for Christmas right now…all week really. But normally it’s is busy with lots of fun comments!
              And the Wombie’s always reply, and will give you chocolate anytime you want it…and pizza too! 😉

            • I just told him if he stop running over my friends the snowmen I’ll come again… woow love pizzas and chocolate… I wait for the storm here to pass and I’ll catch a plane over.

            • I always home to talk to you, Fraz to find out your next big wish!

            • OK I’ll drop over for coffee and mince pie, put the kettle on 🙂

            • Coffee is brewing now!

            • you did not gave me the address whats help that the coffee is on… I some how sure we met before.. must take some of those youth tablets again.. x

          • Fermented raisins sound icky!

        • OK I’ll try not to run down any more snowmen. But they should stay off the sidewalk when I’m around!

          • They really should. They should hang out in people’s yards looking cute!

          • yeah I just advised them on local TV station that you have been seen driving around.. Don’t know why the mayor announced curfew???

            • I wasn’t driving…it was Fraz! Oh no, I just sold out my friend! 😯

            • Not going to work with me, I have your finger print…. sorry

            • I wasn’t driving! I was sliding! Hahaha!
              I gotta go to bed now.

            • You show off again… you better go to bed as it is too late.. and make sure you behave.. hope you had been a good boy this year!

            • You little rascal! 🙂

            • You are all the time talking here, have you finished the cooking for Christmas yet.. wrapping the presents.. multitasking rascal… Haaa you are going to blame me.. I knew you would.. but you know it is nothing to do with me it is Fraz again… Thanks for giving me a year supply of laughs this year… I just wonder how I am going to ever repay you back?! ♥

            • Maybe by not telling the snowmen police about me!

            • yes???? soon we will have no snowmen on planet earth with you…

            • Yes, I’m all done with Christmas gift wrapping and cooking! I even have some goodies on the table for today!
              Oh, little Fraz is always up to some mischief!…that’s what makes him so much fun!
              You don’t owe me anything silly! Just have fun! And if you can’t find a fun post here, your sure to find one every Monday and Thursday a … http://www.comics.wombania.com/ . Except this week because it’s Chrismtas week. I bet you’ll know people that go there too…including me! 🙂

            • Wowww is that where you live? lucky you….. Sound great I’ll see you next week… Just tell them that ‘Dor’ is coming to town:-)

            • You better get a disguise , Fraz!

            • I sent him a balaclava with Christmas lights…

            • It makes me look like Rudolph! I wish it made me fly too!

            • You will be surprise.. run little faster and change gear… you will fly! It works on like chity chity Fraz Bang…

            • He might want to hold someone up for their chocolate with that outfit.

            • No that is the latest captian outfit… Deb you have to check the details.. It is a special design.. People using it when they go to Mars. Don’t tell anyone yet but this airplane I built Fraz, you can visit outer space!!! Yes you can..:-) Obama asked us to build him one and we refused as it is patent specially for Fraz!!

            • I’ll never tell them, Fraz! 🙂

            • I am sure you have secret affair with Fraz now he become a pilot…. 🙂 I’ll never tell anyone too.

            • Oh, can’t we tell the whole world. We must get Frazline live for everyone to enjoy! Your blog space or mine. Better on yours so you get linked, but whatever you like it fine with me.

            • I like it you are easy going mine or yours.. OK yours.. I was little busy… just opened the jar there is no instructions??? I’ll ask the audience or should I call a friend… I’ll do anything you tell me too… just let me finish that green drink first 🙂

  10. Uh-oh….poor Fraz. I’m sure he didn’t mean to..and that snowman probably didn’t see where he was going.
    I’m glad Fraz offered chocolates..that makes the world a happy place!

    • I’m sure Fraz can explain the whole thing to you for this accident.
      Oh yes, Fraz always offer chocolate to make thing better….and it works!

    • Fraz

       /  December 16, 2013

      I was driving down the sidewalk, I mean road, when that dumb snowman jumped out in front of me without signaling or anything!
      Anyway, we put him back together with some chocolates and everything is OK.

      • That’s wonderful to hear Fraz…silly snowman…does he not know about indicators and not walking on the road?
        Hey…wait a minute…you drove on the sidewalk? ….;)

        • Snowmen are pretty silly! Aunt Deb said they probably have brain freeze! I bet she’s right.

          I might have been on the sidewalk but it was hard to tell with all that snow around!

      • I knew you had a good explanation for the whole thing!…and chocolate! That fixes everything!

  11. Fraaaaz is back!!
    Awww love your drawings so much, Deb. 🙂
    Big hugs.

  12. Deb Sending your Snowman some TLC.. Tender Loving Care… I am sure as the snow falls he will be able to pull him self together… 🙂 Fresh and Bright to start a new day… Special Seasonal Hugs Deb.. Love Sue xox

    • Fraz always comes out smelling like a rose with the help of his friends…with chocolate. 🙂
      Thanks you, Sue! Sending you holiday hugs a plenty! xxx

  13. They killed Kenny! 😛 xo

  14. Gray Dawster

     /  December 19, 2013

    Fraz can rebuild him 🙂

    I wonder if the snowman
    knows how great Frazzie
    is when it comes down to
    chocolate eating? 🙂

    I love this one Deb 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  15. Fraz better hope the other snowmen don’t seek revenge

  1. Fraz’s Christmas Gift | Adamsart

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