40 comments on “Autumn Light

    • There is nothing wrong with that. I actually have more fun when I do the something more simple as a cartoon type drawing, but like to do something like this from time to time.
      Just keep practicing.

    • Snow!…ack! Well then, I’m really glad I did this one to give you a warm feeling on your chilly, snow day, Eldy!
      Your welcome and thank you!

  1. Good use of light hun! 🙂

    Here night has fallen, it’s blowing a gale and we keep getting heavy showers, the last one thundery!!! 🙂

    This weekend is Bonfire night, so the last this we need is bad weather!!! 😦

    Love and squishy hugs!


    • This morning is cold too, but surprisingly the sun is shining
      so perhaps it will warm up as the day progresses 🙂 I hope so,
      hey have a nice start to your Monday Deb 🙂

      Andro xxxx

      • Sometime a clear day makes things even colder.
        I just up…it’s just barley after 6 am here, and it’s burrr!
        Thank you, I hope you have a great start of this week too, my friend!


    • I know you all have been having terrible weather lately.
      I’m glad the appearance of this one warm you up, Andro!

      Thank you, Andro!

  2. We had a very cold wet Winter but it’s Spring here now so we are starting to get more mornings like this. The past week has been glorious weather. Got my veggie garden dug over on the weekend & ready to start planting.

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