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The Addams Family

Lurch-You Rang-2013-08-12-now signed - Copy

Lurch…”You Rang?”

Lurch (whose first name is unknown) is a fictional character created by cartoonist Charles Addams as a manservant to The Addams Family. In the original television series, Lurch was played by Ted Cassidy, who used the famous catchphrase: “You rang?”

Some of the cast



Gomez Addams is the master of the Addams household and the Addams patriarch, married to Morticia.



Morticia Addams is the matriarch of the Addams family and is married to Gomez.

Uncle Fester-2-background

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is a bald, barrel-shaped man with dark, sunken eyes and a devilish grin. He seemed to carry an electrical charge, as he could illuminate a light bulb by sticking it in his mouth.



Grandmama is a witch who deals in potions, spells, hexes, and even fortune-telling. Her trademarks were her shawl and grey, frizzy hair.

Wednesday Addams-background-2013-08-14


Wednesday is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams and was said to have been named after the phrase, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”

hand-background -2013-08-14 Copy


Thing is another member of the Addams family. He was a shy creature mostly seen in the background of Addams’ drawings; however, the television series suggested it was a disembodied hand named “Thing,” and was Gomez’s friend since childhood.

All the above Artwork is digitally drawn/painted by Deb Adams © 2013

Have a Happy Halloween!


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  1. These are brilliant!!!

  2. This is fabulous , Deb !
    Happy Halloween to you too, dear Deb 😃❤️

  3. Deb, these are fantastic, I happened to have a soft spot for ALL the Adams family 🙂 😀 Much love to you and yours, and Happy Halloween dear friend

    • That’s quite a complement coming from an artist as good as you, Sue!…thank you! 🙂
      I adore the them too, and now I’ve started my own art collection of them.
      Much love and hugs to you and your family! Happy Halloween!…be safe too.

  4. I loved the Addams family from the cartoons in the papers to the television series and beyond! 🙂

    Pity there will be no more movies – I loved them both!!! 🙂

    There are rumours that there is going to be a new TV series, but I don’t know when… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • I could handle a new series. It’s a great idea too!

      Thank you, Prenin!
      Love and hugs xxx

  5. Happy Halloween Deb! 🙂

  6. Dead on captures. Loved this, Deb. Happy Halloween.

  7. Where are you…on this day you are not part of the Adams family but the Addams family haha

  8. These are amazing!!!
    I remember watching the series ages ago.
    happy Halloween, Deb 🙂

  9. These are awesome, Deb, and they bring back youthful memories! A wonderful post for Halloween! Have a fun and safe day! Lots of love and hugs! xoxo

    • Thanks Lauren! Glad I brought back youthful memories!
      Happy Halloween!…you stay safe too!
      Love and hugs a plenty! xoxo

  10. Those are all very good and look just like the characters! I really liked that show, and The Munsters, which I always used to call The Monsters.

    Happy Halloween, Deb!

    • Thank you, Binky!
      I adored the Munsters too!
      That’s funny, when I was a kid I called them the Monster’s too! 🙂
      Happy Halloween!

      • That is funny. Maybe a lot of kids called them The Monsters! They looked like monsters when you’re little.

  11. Great likeness. Great job.

    Sent from my iPhone

  12. Great! Happy Halloween, Deb!

  13. Ah memories and well written dialogue.

  14. Wow, Deb! You did the whole bunch! WELL DONE, my dear!!!
    Happy Halloween! 🙂 🙂 xx

    • I started working on them a month or so back, never did get to finish the cast in time for Halloween. Maybe I’ll be them in for next Halloween! 🙂
      Thanks Marina! 🙂

      • A month ago? You prepare ahead!

        • I didn’t plan on purpose. I had drawn Lurch, got ready to post him then thought I’d save him for Halloween. Then Lurch convinced me to keep drawing them whenever I had a chance.

  15. Deb I never believed in father Christmas, but now I believe in Halloween… I just saw the Addams Family.. You know what I now also believe in Santa… I just love to see the name Deb come on my screen.. thank you. Happy Halloween x

    • I’m glad to hear you are enjoying my artwork, Doron!…thank you for sharing that with me!
      I hope you had a happy Halloween too!

      • If the kids around the world happy I always do too.
        I am a fan club member now waiting to receive my badge, Thanks Deb

  16. LOVE this post!
    I used to watch this show all the time back in the day. I so get their weirdness. I wonder why?

    • I use to watch it everyday myself, RoSy!
      I don’t know, I seem to have the same question about myself…lol

  17. I love the Addams Family and you certainly captured their likeness! I always particularly liked Lurch, and I think it was his voice and the “you rang” that did it! 🙂

  18. These are fantastic! I love the Addams family. I particularly like Lurch 🙂

    • He seems to rank the highest for likeness by many, and around here too!
      Thank you! 🙂

  19. You have captured their characters and features perfectly, I especially like Lurch and Gomez 🙂 Wow can you paint and draw my beautiful friend 🙂 🙂 Everything that you add is brilliant 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  20. Awesome work Deb! I always thought Hand was just totally cool and smart!

  21. These are wicked good Deb. I love them all.

  22. You’re good, no, very good, no, talented & outstanding. Thank you…

  23. OMG Deb!!! I missed this awesome post… Ahhhhhhh Cha= lame, lame, lame!!
    This collection is perfect! 😀

  24. Excellent work Deb, you captured them well. Uncle Fester was always my favourite

  1. Sleepy Book Dragon | Happy Halloween!

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