39 comments on “Red Poppies

    • Thank you, Sue
      I love poppies too, and am glad to hear you sow them in the wild spots of your garden. It must look beautiful.
      Love and peace to you, Sue!

  1. Nice to see you back. That’s a really nice image just by itself. But it’d also be great for a lot of things. Like cards, napkins, table cloth. It has a classic feel about it with your tone and technique.

    • It’s good to be back, Binky!
      I’m really glad you like it!
      The poppies look great on all the merchandise you just mentioned too!

    • Thank you, Prenin. It had been awhile since I posted something of the nature in a long while.

      It’s always good to see you, Prenin. I’ve missed you!

      Mitch says “hello.”

      Love and hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful poppies, Deb, and there are so many things I love in your store that I have to make a decision! I will soon, promise! Hope you are doing okay, my friend, and just know you’re in my prayers…sending you much and many hugs! xo

    • I’m glad you love these!
      It’s always good to see you too!
      I doubt it. I just haven’t posted in a while.
      You have a happy week too!

    • I missed me too and thought it was time I try to function again.
      We’re doing better each day, Judy…thank you for you kind thoughts.

      I’m glad you love them too!

  3. I have not been around myself, but by reading some of the comments looks like you’ve had a rough patch yourself… Hope that is well behind you and nothing but blue skies ahead! Love the poppies. My mom had a patch of red where I grew up, but I was never able to get any. I did have a nice patch of pink ones for a few years, until they must of seeded themselves out. Healing hugs!
    Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

    • Yeah, it’s been rough lately, but we’re both doing pretty well right now and better each day.

      I love poppies, I could have them all around me.
      I love all color of them.

      Thank you…hugs to you too, Faythe.

    • I’m glad you like the poppies. I like to make happy, joyful or funny things for all my friends.
      I’m doing much better, I know where all here on a journey to do His work, then go on home to Him.
      Smiles…hugs xxx

    • Aw, Doroan, that is such a kind thing to say to me…thank you for that!
      It’s good to be back and doing my artwork again too.

  4. It is strange but this is the first time that I have seen
    these posts, Binky mentioned about your new posting
    the other evening and when I called there was no
    new ones, and I was thinking how odd that was 😦

    Now they are showing and this one is from the fifteenth
    of October, so I have no explanation for that, apart from
    perhaps it being yet another glitch 😦 Sorry I am late to
    view this and the other postings Dab, I do like your painting
    it is rich with colour and brilliantly offered, indeed it is one
    of your finest pieces of art 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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