90 comments on “Fraz Mobile

    • Oh Rach, how good it is to hear from you!
      I certainly hope you are getting better!…I’m still praying for you!

      I’ll be careful to look both ways before I cross the street, and drive a good distance behind when driving.
      But you and I both know that Fraz will claim his driving excellence! πŸ™‚

      Love and hugs, Dear…get well

      • So good to be out and about lol. Tried to drive yesterday and almost crashed within a block of the house. Hence the original comment.
        Not supposed to even WALK 10 feet outside the house, with a walker and someone trained in physical therapy or medical emergencies assisting me.
        Naturally I know best.. and being a trained musician doctor decided that driving the car would be a good test!
        Taught me a lesson the hard scary way. Kind of like Fraz learns at times hahahaha.
        Have a feeling the Corvette you’ve given him will kick tuchus. Let me know if I can try it out. Ummm maybe in another few months.
        Do Wombies have car insurance?
        Can already drive a stick. Am ready to Rock with Fraz πŸ™‚
        Miss you Deb

        • I bet it is! I’m glad your out and about for you! I went to your blog and didn’t see a new post since I left you a comment. I’m sure everyone would love to know how your coming along…I certainly do.

          Your not suppose to walk 10 feet outside the house and your tried to drive?…Woman!…spank, spank!
          I think you need hubby to get out the spanking machine I saw on your blog months ago!

          Fraz seems to be having a lot of fun with it already!
          I’m sure he’ll let you drive it if he don’t read what you wrote…lol. I bet he lets you drive it anyway! πŸ™‚

          I don’t know, he already told me he don’t need a license. Though I think it ought to be just to be safe!

          Fraz will just give me rides in it! I haven’t driven a stick in so long I doubt I remember how to do it!..lol But you two have fun!

          I miss you too, Rach! Please get stronger okay!
          Love and hugs xxx

          • alas no hubby. boyfriend of 3 years dumped me while in hospital.. lemme tell you how this chick is gonna rock and roll the hot guys when she gets out. Fraz driving with the top down, all our friends jammed into the car and wind whipping through our hair. As we search for More Chocolate!

            • Woo who!…Nothing like getting ride of a guy that does care. You don’t need him, that’s for sure!…Don’t you take him back either, he’s not worth it for not sticking by you!
              Fraz is going to give you a great ride when he comes back from his…I know he will. He’ll take you to all the places you want to go too! You two will have a blast.

              A chocolate hunt!…Yeah!

              Love ya, Hon!

            • Yeah, I’ll take you wherever you want to go! Even to Wombania! It’s more fun there. And the trunk is already full of chocolate. But we can search for more if you want. Maybe I could borrow Binky’s dark chocolate space trailer!

            • I love going to Wombania!. We can go there, then to Fraz’s Pizzeria, then Wombania, then stop and get gas at your filling station, then go to Wombania, then to Winky’s BBQ, then Wombania, then Fraz’s milkshake shack, then Wombania! πŸ™‚

        • Sure, you can drive my car! We’ll just wear helmets!
          We don’t need insurance. We have chocolate and wine gums! That makes everything better. Including boo boos!

  1. This will certainly make Fraz very happy! As soon as he comes back from his test drive I’m sure he’ll have a few things to say. Fraz is very lucky to have such a talented and generous aunt!

  2. Thanks for the bestest awesomest ride ever! You’re the best aunt Deb!

    Is there anywhere you’d like to go? Maybe I could take you and your whole family somewhere. But since there’s only 2 seats some of you will have to ride in the trunk!

    • Aw, thank you, Fraz! I’m glad you like it and it rides well. I hope you have lots of fun driving it!

      Me, well, I do need to go to the market to pick up a few things, like chocolate, wine gums, spam, and cookies! Of course I need to get more ice cream too!…for your milkshakes!

  3. This one is absolutely superb Deb
    and wow does Fraz look stylish in his
    new car and I bet he can’t wait for the
    winks and nudges as he bdrives the
    next one, being that it is a Frazarrari πŸ™‚

    Andro xxxx

  4. I didn’t know Fraz drove, Deb, but what an awesome car and perfect corvette color. I’m glad he paid a little extra for personalized plates, too! They add the final touch! πŸ˜‰
    Sending hugs to ya! xoxo

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