25 comments on “Catch of the Day

    • No, we can’t keep any puppy drum over 27 inches.They have a slot limit of 18 inches to 27 inches. Any that are under 18 inches or over 27 inches have to be release. But I still want to catch a 4 footer even though I’ll have to return it to the sea.

    • You could bake is as Carl mentioned a few posts up, or you could fry is like I’m going to do this evening.
      Mix flour and cornmeal (cornmeal is to make it crispy) then fry it up. Serve with french fries and Col-slaw.

  1. I propose we change the name puppy drum to something less cute – LOL
    I think fishing would be fun & relaxing. Not sure about the prep part though.

    • I hear ya, Rosy! I don’t know why they call it anything cute, but they sure taste good!
      Mitch loves to fish. I find it rater boring until I actually hook one. Sometimes you have to wait hours to catch one.
      You could bake it like, Carl mentioned a few post up. Or you could fry it is some flour and cornmeal cornmeal to make it crispy) as I’ll do this evening. I serve it with french fries and col-slaw.

  2. I felt kinda sad when you mentioned Puppy….
    I mean I do realize how silly that is because it’s not a doggy puppy it was a “little kid” sort of puppy…
    Hope the fish tasted yummy! How do you cook the fish??

  3. Fish is good for you, which is lucky being that you have a master fisherman catching them for breakfast, dinner, tea and supper 🙂

    Have a fishy rest of evening Deb and Mitch 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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