37 comments on “Simon Says…

  1. Ah! He’s such an adorable little fella. How carefully he carries the lighted heart and how gently he looks at it…as he shares its warm glow 🙂

    • Must always be careful to handle with care with the matters of the heart. 🙂
      My mom had a gently touch. Maybe it rubbed off on me too.
      Thank you, my sweet friend.
      Tea and buttered biscuits for you today!…jam varieties too. 😉
      Love and hugs a plenty! xxx

  2. I like these paintings that you are doing Deb,
    well I like all of your paintings as you already
    know but these are just fun and wicked rolled
    into one and they are brilliant 🙂 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. That’s good, because he deserves it.

    Did you notice that when you click on your shop links, it takes you to an error page the first time, but if you go back and click on the link a second time, it takes you to your shop. Very suspicious of them, if you ask me.

  4. The colours & style of this are amazing Deb. It would be easy for him if he ever needed open heart surgery. Just take the lid off. No chest opening required.

  5. Hey it’s me, that pesky fellow blogger, no posts from you for awhile, thought I’d say hello. Wishing you well ~Scott

  6. Hey I hope that you are having a Randy time this evening Deb 😉 Hey Randy Orten evening I meant, cheeky 🙂 lmao I will be back to posting soon and then maybe I will add some Fraz and Winky drawings too 🙂 Well maybe? 😉 Have fun tonight Deb ;)#

    Andro xxxx

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