32 comments on “Day at the Park and a Lesson Learned

  1. Lovely and heartwarming story Deb, and you know what? taking Bess for walks I used to take white bread for the crows in the Woods , but I’ve since learned that it’s the worst thing for them, as it fills their stomachs and gives them no goodness, so their energy becomes low. Just as Brian says. wholewheat is best, for us and them. So I’ll just head off with Brian and Susan, and have a wholesome sandwich. 🙂 love and hugs xPenx

  2. Very sweet story, Deb, and a good lesson in between. I think the last time I ate white bread was when I was a little kid! 🙂 Happy Weekend, my friend! Hugs a plenty, too! xoxo

    • That’s just about when I had my last piece of white bread too, Lauren.
      Glad you liked the story…thank you!
      Have a great weekend!
      Love and hugs xxx

  3. It looks like Susan won’t be alone for too
    much longer, which is nice, as a life without
    anyone to share it with is a sad thought 🙂

    I hope that you will be
    adding more to this story
    Deb, and thank you for
    such a pleasant read 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • Yes, she met someone and he seems to be good for her. Looks like he saved her from the perils of white bread too.
      Maybe I will do that eventually, Andro. Thank you for that encouragement too.
      I’m glad you like it! 🙂
      Hugs a plenty! xxx

  4. I prefer 50/50 or granary brown bread when I can get it! 😛

    The white bread they offer these days is just junk… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Good, I surprised you!
      However, if I continue this story I have no idea yet where I will take it. 😉
      Hugs a plenty! xxx

    • I hope it works out for her. She started out lonely, and now she met someone who seems to be good for her.
      Thank you, Ian!

  5. Love the story Deb! It’s a complete 180 from your dark side, which I also totally love!
    Though…I can’t help but wonder, where would shadow Deb take this story to, if she were to take over from where it left off?
    Wouldn’t that be interesting to know? (hint! hint!) LOL!

  6. maybe I’m sentimental but I love birds and remember my gma would teach me to feed them grain bread~you made me cry. There’s a spiritual lesson here regarding good & healthy friendships.

    • Birds like the grain in bread. It’s good for them and helps satisfy them.
      I’m glad I caused you to think of you gma
      Thanks, Deborah!

    • I love rye toast too, Wendy! I even like to make toasted grill cheese sandwiches with it for a quick bite to eat.
      Thanks Wendy!

  7. I bake a lot of my own bread, but when we buy bread and we have some left over its always destined for the park to feed the ducks.. Poor things.. .. Loved that little story Deb.. I wonder if Romance will blossom in the Deli ??? …

    Enjoy your weekend Deb… Oh and Happy 4th of July…. over there.. xxxx

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