37 comments on “Flash: Crystal

  1. That’s what boozing too much whilst drinking from the best crystal will do for you, and then you end up staring into the plughole, bringing it all back!! Wow Deb, memories are made of this. 😉 Wonderfully poetic description, hugs aplenty. xPenx

    • A lesson we can learn it never give your fine crystal to a drunk.
      Buzz’s lesson is. Well, I bet he didn’t learn a thing…lol
      Thanks Pen!
      Love and hugs xxx

  2. Good one! 🙂

    Not only dead on one hundred words, but poetic too!!! 🙂

    Boy do I remember doing this kind of thing when I was younger!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeuw puking in
    the sink like that how gross 😦
    I think that Buzz should Buzz
    Off after doing that 🙂 🙂

    I like it Deb, keep these little gems coming 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • At the moment I’m sipping my first cup of coffee and shaking off the early morning aches and pains…lol
      I don’t know, I hope I think of something soon.
      I still got one more word to go for this month’s flash in the pan.

      • I finished mine last week so I can concentrate of adding a few different pieces for a change, well they might, I mean have been on my old Space before but they are definitely new on this one 🙂 😉

        I hope that your day is a lovely one, hopefully spent drinking in the sunshine whilst glimpsing would-be-wrestling-hunks at the beach 😉 Well I only said 🙂 lmao

        Andro xxxx

        • So I wonder now what you might be drawing or writing about today. Actually, I need to get over to your space to see if I missed anything thing you’ve already posted.

          Trust me, there are no hunks and babes
          on our beaches. They’re either fisherman, or people over 110 years old…lol You must be thinking of the beaches of Florida or California.


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