45 comments on “Fraz, His Brave Chicken, and the Trapped Zombie

  1. That’s one crazy brave chicken!
    I really like this one. And that’s quite a story you came up with, too!

    • I think he is too.
      Charlie it is!
      I bet you could get more of these chickens too for the other Zombie traps. You’d have chickens dancing all over you island! 🙂

      • That’d be a good idea if it’s keep the zombies away! I should invite all the chickens over to my island!

    • For a moment I thought I forgot to thank you for this honorable award, Judy. But only here on my site. But since I’m here talking at you. I want to thank you again for this honor!

    • Welcome back, Princess! Hope you had a lot of run and R&R. Does this mean it’s time to hit the school books?
      Glad you like this one. Needless to say, I had fun!
      Big hugs to you too!

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