69 comments on “Fish Tales

  1. That is really funny! Like Sheri said above, this design should be on t-shirts. I bet a lot of fisherman would buy something like this if they saw it.

  2. You’re onto a winner here Deb, anti-fishing brigade, fishermen, all sorts will want the t’shirt. Great artwork lovely friend, and is the Shark going to ‘throw it back’ eh? 😉 hugs galore. xPenx

  3. He caught one with spectacles on this time
    but he doesn’t look too bothered about it 🙂
    I like the attention to detail on the guys jeans,
    upside down and gravity forcing them to flop
    downwards 🙂 Wicked …

    Have a lovely evening Deb and keep
    adding to your awesome paintings 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • He’s toss the glasses out. 😉
      I fiddled with it a bit and finally got it….thanks for noticing, Andro!

      You have a nice evening, my dear friend! 🙂

        • Do they, I didn’t really notice that.
          Sometimes when I use a different theme I find quirks about it over time then change it. So far this one is doing well till I decide I want a black on again. 🙂
          Thank you, Andro!

          • I know what you mean about quirks, I too have tried different themes but I always come back to this one ‘Parament’, which has lots of interesting features 🙂 Your paintings look brilliant on every theme so enjoy this latest one for now and if you like, change again 🙂 Have fun Deb 😉

            Andro xxxx

            • The one and only thing I don’t like about the Paramount theme is that the print is rather small (as you know), which is why we have to use different fonts in the editor. Other than that. It’s just about perfect.

              I also like Twenty Eleven for the size of the print, but the posts do not show in the side bar, only the home page. That problem was debatable so I dropped that one for the time being too. However it too is a nice theme.

              For light colored themes I like this one (so far) and Comet. The print is a decent size if I don’t feel that I want to make any changes to the font.

              But you know me, my friend. I just get tired of looking at them then change them for a while. Sometimes just for a day or two. 😉 🙂

              Hope you having a great day, my friend!
              It’s raining here today, so I’m inside for the most part.

            • There is another theme called ‘Coraline’ I think and that one is good for my Space but everything in the side bar ends up on the opposite side of the page, if only I could find something that ticked all the boxes, other than ‘Parament’, and then I would change too 🙂

              I think I tried that Twenty Eleven too, but it’s so long ago I have forgotten what it looks like 🙂

              Have fun inside, I know the beach is better but at least you can plan your next project and maybe watch some wrestling 🙂

              Andro xxxx

            • I forgot about that one….it one too.It as several widget areas with layout options. You can set the widets on either side of the posts as I recall, or have on on either side. Plus extras on the bottom. The background is transparent. I believe Lady Pen uses that one. 🙂

            • Yes and the width is flexible, I like those 🙂
              You will have me trying them all out next, as sometimes I am like a Frazzie in a sweet shop trying out all the different sweets 🙂

              Andro xxxx

            • Lol…I hear ya, Andro.
              Well if you do change from one to another. I will completely understand where you’re coming from.

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