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He Said, She Said

Drinking Wine-2013-06-14-framed-signed - CopyMike and Karen sat on the deck of their beach
rental enjoying the scenery, and sipping wine.
He said, “There’s nothing like it.”
She said, “I agree.”
He’s said, Let’s buy a lot!”
She said, “I did yesterday!”
He said, “Really, where is it?”
She said, “In the kitchen, silly.”


Nothing like a lot of wine.


This is part of the M3 Flash in the Pan word challenge.
Challenged word is “Wine,” with a word limit of 50 words. This one comes in at 50 words.

About the image: Digital drawing, by Deb Adams

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  1. artscottnet

     /  June 14, 2013

    Great illustration.. I can tell you’re having a lot of fun with these!

  2. Am I wrong, but he seems to be peering right
    into her cleavage? 🙂 Put it this way I don’t think
    that his mind is on the wine but at least he knows
    where it is, just in case he wants some 🙂

    The wine I mean 😉

    Have a lovely afternoon and evening Deb 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • You have a lovely evening, Andro. I already have my evening cut out for me.

  3. Sounds like a great evening with wine, each other and….
    Loved it, Deb! Have a great weekend! Hugs! xo

    • Yes, and just a bit of getting their lines crossed.
      Glad you love it, Lauren! 🙂
      You have a great weekend too!

  4. Ha! I didn’t get it at first. That’s funny!
    And I really like the drawing you did that goes along with it.

    • I knew you’d get it, Binky, and I’m glad you liked it too! 🙂
      Hugs xxx

  5. 😆

  6. Aww that’s funny!!! 🙂

    And nobody died this time!!! 😉

    Love and squishy hugs!


  7. Just laughing at Andro’s observation Deb, cleavage peering wise. 😉 , and loving your changing themes, too. Anything to do with Wine gets my vote, and case fulls? even better methinks. Love the drawing too, it fits so well, (story first or drawing?) hugs aplenty and have a great weekend xPenx

  8. Great Flash! And great drawing too Deb 🙂 hope you have a couple of glasses this weekend she said! Enjoy. Love Sue xx

  9. -dobre—-very nice day Deb;-)

  10. Oh loved it Deb..loved the painting and what a lovely story with it….oh yes can never have enough of great wine

    • That exactly what she was thinking, but not what he had in mind. 🙂
      Thanks Soma!

  11. Drawing says it all!! 😆 xxxxx

  12. I’ve tweeted and listed on my Facebook page. You are indeed the master of flash fiction.

  13. Do I have to pick? I love both the illustration and the story on this one, so perfectly sketched!

  14. Women always buy a lot

  15. *glug glug glug*
    I’ve always been a bit more of a beer guy (yeah, I’m ‘classy’ like that), but I like the story just the same (and I sure like the Illustration, too Deb) very nicely done!

  16. So cool! I love the drawing as well!

  17. See..women are intuitive!!! And yes, I too love the drawing!

  18. Didn’t see that ending coming Deb, suspense had me heading into a great lovers scenario.


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